Just found out I'm pregnant...what to do next??

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looking4advice2010 Posts: 13
Hi everyone, I did my pregnancy test (twice actually!) and I'm pregnant. Ive calculated it is about 4 weeks. As you can guess from the headline I am a first time mother so I'm not sure at all what to do apart from getting the hospital sorted. I live in Dublin 7 area so Rotunda and Holles Street are both convenient. I've gone through a few old threads and both of these seem to be good. I plan to visit both at the weekend to look at them and make the decision then. Any thoughts you may have on either would be great as well? I plan on going private and would prefer a female consultant. Can anyone recommend consultants in either the Rotunda or Holles Street?
MrsSkarsgard Posts: 139
Congrats! Start taking your folic acid if not already and if you are going private it's best to ring and book asap! You can make an apt to see your doctor but there is no rush on that you could wait another few weeks, they will give you info on what foods to avoid etc in pregnancy and you could look that up now yourself. Otherwise eat healthy and enjoy this exciting time with your partner!
MrsSkarsgard Posts: 139
ps EUMOM.ie is a great site with lots of info for mums to be and you can join a birthclub of other mums due around the same date that are going through the same stages etc.
Fx and tx Posts: 378
Congrats on the pregnancy wishing you a very happy and healthy 9 months :o)ll
pag Posts: 633
Congrats to yu. I would look at rotunda solely for the nearness and the community services. Depending on where yu live yu could be eligible for the Domino scheme and early transfer home. These are midwife led and are excellent for those who are no risk. Plus most importantly yu don't have to wait ages for appts and yu have more one to one access to midwives? Have a look at the info pack online for more info on options http://www.rotunda.ie/default.asp?p=mif
looking4advice2010 Posts: 13
I'm definitely going private so I'm not sure of which one to go to. Holles street would not be far from me either - probably about 1km in the distance.