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Mrs James Duff Posts: 348
So I just did a clear blue digital pregnancy test and found out I am 2-3 weeks pregnant, is it normal to feel like you are getting your period? I have felt like this since last Thursday / Friday. Worried its not going to stay put!
MrsB2011 Posts: 271
Congratulations! I felt like I was getting my period for weeks, and even left testing quite late as I was convinced I was getting my period any minute. Symptoms are really similar so sounds normal to me. Happy 9 months :-)
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
Congrats, yep those cramps are normal, I had them for a good while..
Mrs James Duff Posts: 348
Thanks girls good to know :) i have 2 weddings coming up, one this weekend and one the following weekend, i'm dreading having to hide the fact i'm not drinking or making excuses why I'm not drinking Oh the worries eh :)
Emme Posts: 4735
Oh congrats...yeah the 'symptoms' are very alike! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll