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Ochre Posts: 877
Congratulations!!!! My GP said that she'd had one or two during her first 12 weeks as she was on a skiing holiday (just after getting her BFP) and was annoyed enough at missing out on skiing that she thought she'd go mad if she couldn't have one mulled wine! I love love love my red wine but weirdly, I physically couldn't drink it during the 12 weeks. It's not that the thought of it made me feel sick or anything - i was at a hen and I really wanted to hide the fact I wasn't drinking so I'd a glass of wine in front of me over dinner and while I lifted and lowered it a few times, I just couldn't bring myself to drink it. I've had one small glass since then over a long long dinner so it would have been pretty diluted. As others have said, it's really up to you. What my GP has said to me about so many of the things you're told not to do in the first 12 weeks is that it's just a dangerous time, full stop and it's not that doing certain things will lead to a MC, it's just that if you do those things and the worst happens, you'll link the two and assume that's why it happened whereas chances are, it'll be for some completely unrelated reason. My advice to you is to fake it as much as possible - don't mention antibiotics cos most people guess immediately what's up if that's your excuse. Swap drinks with your DH, pretend sparkling water and lemon is a G&T or drink non alcoholic beer. If you feel comfortable having a glass of wine over dinner, that's up to you - but you may end up like me with your subconscious preventing you from drinking it!
Flapjack Posts: 308
[quote="candypants":3mhr8oet]Congrats to you :o)ll Can you say your on anti biotics for a kidney infection?[/quote:3mhr8oet] If a married friend of mine who was trying to get pregnant said that she was on antibiotics "she's pregnant" would be the first thing that would pop into my head! :) Oldest excuse in the book :D
baby mac Posts: 161
A HUGE Congrats to you - I think you were my 'bride twin' last year. Dec 29th???
proud mamaof1 Posts: 825
hi everyone, Thanks for the best wishes. Hoping to make an appt for doc on Mon as I had a wedding yesterday, wrecked today.