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belcra Posts: 1097
My gp told me no mayo even if in a jar but that's the opposite to what I've heard everywhere else and looked it up again when i came home and i think it's fine out of a jar. She said Philadelphia (as it's so processed) and Mozzarella are fine but stay away from anything soft or that ripens with mould.
sunshinebear Posts: 74
how annoying, i wish that there was one definate website that said yes you can eat x and no you can't eat y
trudy78 Posts: 63
Hello did you other halves go with ye to docs for confirmation? We have done home tests and looks like we are 5 weeks! Will try and get an apt this week with the doc :)
belcra Posts: 1097
My DH didn't come to the GP with me but did to my first scan and will come to all the consultant visits. Congrats by the way.
MrsScuttle Posts: 407
Hi All, Well I am off to the doctor today!! YAY. I have my tests with me (had to do another CBD this morning as the battery ran out in Saturdays one!!! :) ) Didnt mind seeing the Pregnant 1-2 at all again!! wahhooo... I know the date of my last period and I have my tests... is there anything else that I need to bring with me?
RoseDawson Posts: 1494
good thread, very helpfull :wv
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Daisy Row Posts: 3650
Even as a second timer this is really helpful, thanks!
Winterlights Posts: 310
I'm just home from having my 8 week scan done and my dr has advised me to register with an OBGYN in a hospital. I have a question about public care (in the Coombe). This might be a silly question, but do you get a room of your own to give birth in, when you go public? (As opposed to a bed in a ward that is sectioned off? TIA!
Winterlights Posts: 310
You wouldn't want to be in urgent need of an answer around here, would you? :yelrotflmaosmilie:
Silini2 Posts: 3834
Winter lights maybe post the question on the main preg and babies forum...??