just got positve on test

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mrsb09 Posts: 1292
when should i go to doctor, have my own wedding on friday week still going on honeymoon to barbados and new york, just is it right that quicker you see doc the better for scans and stuff? sorry this prob has been asked a zillon times before...
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Hey Mrsb09, congrats to you and congrats on your upcoming wedding! What great celebrations you'll be having these next few months. If you know what hospital and care you want just phone them up and say you want to book in. they will ask how far gone you are and due date. The quicker you do this step the quicker you get on the apts system. Some hospitals do require a letter from your doctor to book in but this is usually for semip. You can always say you are going that afternoon and will send on letter this week. Doctor may or may not repeat test - mine didn't. He just signed me up for combined care (form including pps number!) and told me to book in with them around wk 12. The norm for first babies seems to be between 12-18 wks so don't be discouraged if you phone hospital and don't get apt until around this time. I booked with midwives in Rotunda and would have been 19 wks when seen (plus would have got scan etc) but then changed to the clinic in blanch and was seen at 15 wks. Have you any thoughts on hospital or type of care you want. There are some great options out there if you qualify. good luck and happy 9 months to you.
mrsb09 Posts: 1292
toblerone thks for that.. will ring up so when get my head around this prob do it tommor or the next!!!