Just had 1st Appointment with midwife clinic - domino scheme

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elsiemay Posts: 60
Hey Everyone, Had my first appointment this morning with the midwife in the midwife clinic in Lucan. Its attached to the Coombe & Is referred to as the Domino Scheme, Part of the Public Clinic. Im not gonna lie, I was a bit apprehensive, nervous maybe, but of course confident that theyd know what they were doing. Ive had my ds & dd under semi private care & was unsure whether I was making the right choice this time round. The reason I was nervous was because Id had very traumatic first delivery, I opted for elective section on 2nd pregnancy as a result & I want a section this time again. Id read lots of things online. Things such as if you attend the midwives clinic you cant have epidural etc. Just want to say, That is totally untrue! You can! Pain relief is of course an option. The midwife I met this morning was the most professional, tuned in & knowledgeable care giver Ive even encountered at any ante natal appointment. She listened to every concern I had, answered them with absolute clarity & gave some great advice. Shes going to request that I see my consultant, not a member of their team, at appointment in 5 weeks to ensure I get definite answers without delay. Ive never had this type of attention or genuine concern for my well being during any of my previous pregnancies. I just really wanted to recommend the scheme, After only one appointment, Im really excited & relieved, and can start really enjoying this pregnancy. In all I was with her for 30 mins, had a chat, done the ususal, checked bp, urine sample, bloods, height & weight. Now, just have to wait til Thursday for my dating scan & This pregnancy can really get going! :wv
imMrsM Posts: 139
awh, thats brilliant elsiemay. I'm hoping to get into a midwife-led unit as well. Had to ring the hospital this morning to get appt as they still hadnt' sent me one, 7 weeks after referral. let us know how you get on on Thursday.
elsiemay Posts: 60
Just solely based on this morning & the telephone dealings when booking, I couldnt recommend it enough. Hope you get your appointment soon, did they give you one on the phone. Initially I rang & they gave me date on the phone, just followed it up then with a letter. really looking forward to scan, Ill be sure to let ya know. Sure I have to tell people, dh will see his brother this weekend , so once he knows , we can share our 'secret' that only a few(ish) people know with everyone!