Just Had A Fall- Please Help

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Littlepud Posts: 945
hi ladies, i went out to take the clothes in off the line out of the rain and slipped on the decking. i was on the ground and all before i realised what had happened. i mainly fell onto my bum, right hip and hand. but it was a right bang. now i'm just afraid i've hurt my baby with the force of the bang. i know people say they're well protected in there. i havent felt the baby moving yet since it happened (which was about 15 mins ago now) i'm going to justtry relax as best as i can for a while see can i feel anything. should i go to the hospital? or will they only see me if i'm having pains after the fall?
Sydney Bristow Posts: 185
I would ring the hospital and explain what has happened. They will be able to tell you if you need to go in. I hope you fell okay soon.
wifey4lifey Posts: 306
awh you poor love :action32 its awful when somethi like that happens, it happened to me at five months pregnant in a chipper i slipped coming down the tiles on a ramp sort of a thing , and landed with an awful bang on the floor, and like that i didnt have anywhere to go to lie down and feel to see if babs is movin, but maybe get a fizzy cold drink and lie on the couch and drink some. im sure baby will be fine . your bum will act as a shock absorber :) if its like mine it would anyway! but try not worry maybe give the docs aring, but its very common as we get bigger in pregnancy to have little slips and falls, big hugs :action31
theoracle Posts: 7664
There is verey unlikely anything wrong but for a piece of mind get yourself checked out. Also, are you rh negative? If you are do see a doc as they might want to give you an anti-d injection.
Littlepud Posts: 945
thank you for all your help and kind words ladies, i had a glass of ice cold coke and that didnt really do much but i went for a little walk just around our estate and that seemed to get baby moving. the movements are a little higher now than they have been so just keeping an eye on that but if i start worrying again i will call the hospital. i think i got more of a fright than anything. thank you all so much, i really appreciate it :thnk :thnk :thnk
trouble2 Posts: 224
Hope babs is giving you lots of wriggles and kicks. I had a fall on my last pregnancy at abou 37 ixh weeks and the same had no movement- i still . remember feeling sick with worry. Anyway i went to the hospital and they put a trace on babs and sure enough all was fine, babs was just teasing me for giving it a bump about....it was however slow and quiet for a day or so but hospital said thats common
Littlepud Posts: 945
Trouble- thanks for that, i hope all ended well for you and your LO
trouble2 Posts: 224
oh yes, everything was grand. No harm done at all... apart from bruised knees and a nervous me when out walking for few days. Little miss trouble is running about causing havoc at the moment with no ill effects. you take care...
Duffers Posts: 1841
littlepud that happened me too on pregnancy with DS. Fell in the car park at work. I got home, drank an ice cold glass of 7UP and lay down. Baby soon started kicking. If you're worried though go to hospital or at least call them, they'll probably put you on a trace. But as theoracle said if you're RH neg, you may need the anti D. Hope you're ok hun. Even though I can say its probably all ok, if I had a fall now id still be worried after it happening before. Take care hun :xxx
Daff Posts: 11644
As others said if you're res neg than give hospital a call but if you're not then they'll usually just tell you to monitor for movements. I know it's a big fright but they really are well protected. I was in a car crash when 6 months gone with DD and the car was written off. I walked away with barely a scratch on me, not even whip lash which I put down to the pregnancy hormones relaxing everything! I was so scared cause had no movement from DD for nearly two hours afterwards, but they said she was just shaken.