Just had dating scan in Cumh

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kiely Posts: 60
Hi all, Didn't think we'd make it this morning, with floods but thank god we did. Had my dating scan, I'm just on cloud 9 today. Thank god all is well, baby very active. There gone very strict above, no1 allowed wait with you and def no in to scan so that's a bit disappointing.
trouble2 Posts: 224
best of luck for a healthy pregnancy
kinder Posts: 504
Did they not allow himself into the scan with you? :o( :o)ll Great it all went well
CarrieT Posts: 57
Kiely I had my first scan today as well! Was amazing to finally see the babs wiggling around and all was well thank god. Was very disappointed H wasn't allowed in alright but luckily we're going private and have our first apt and scan with consultant on Wed so he'll get to see it all then. Anyway, wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!
kiely Posts: 60
No husband was not allowed in, very disappointing as I was quiet nervous. I had a miscarriage in my first pregnancy. Have any of ye got the swine flu jab. I haven't yet, really don't want too and husband is totally against it. Just don't no.