Just had one of those scam calls....

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Genegirl Posts: 2110
I am literally shaking. I read about them on here. Told me he was calling from London for a company called Microsoft. Told me he was getting lots of error messages from my computer. He didnt get anything else out as i just hung up. He sickens me that there is creatures out there preying on people. We are still getting back to normal after our wedding and would hate to think i would be caught out by this inhumane feckers. God girls i am soooo angry. Just rang my mum to warn her that they are on the prowl. >:o( >:o( >:o(
Chocolatebuttons Posts: 369
whats this about?? I was getting phone calls every night around the same time for a week where unknown number came up. I never answered them(just have a thing about answering unknown nos.) and they never leave a message. Are they looking for you to hand over money or something??
Genegirl Posts: 2110
Apparently they get you to turn on your computer and do different things. They can hack into your computer and then somehow get your credit cards details of you at some stage as well. My mums number comes up unknown so i always answer... I read about it on here a few times after people got the call. They also asked for me by name.... >:o(
Alwaysbroke Posts: 1140
I was getting a couple of them a week! Don't know where they were getting the number from but they always asked for Mrs alwaysbroke or mr alwaysbroke depending on who answered the phone. They then tell you they're from Microsoft and there's a problem with your computer. I have never gotten any further than this with them but frm what I have heard they're trying to get you to allow them remote access to your computer so they can have a nose around for personal details! I've tried hanging up on them, telling them I know it's a scam (they hang up immediately), threatening to call the guards for harrassment (again they hang up), shouting at them etc etc. I found a whistle the other day and have it left in my kitchen drawer so the next one that calls will get a right earful!
Bridester Posts: 920
We also used to get loads of these during the day - but we missed most as we're out at work so only get them when we are off. I got the phone blocked for telemarketing but we still get some calls as the answering machine light is flashing when we get home. Told them I was a mac user :o0
Genegirl Posts: 2110
It just baffles me that these people get out of bed in the morning to spend their day conning people.... >:o(
yippeeme Posts: 2139
I always say i'm just the babysitter when they call! It's so annoying though, like how do they get your full name from? I always tick boxes on forms to not use or pass on my details but clearly details get passed out anyway. O:| Once i got a letter from this Spanish lottery crowd telling me i had won 379,563.24 euro!! They wanted me to send my bank details so they could lodge money to my account!!! For a split second i was like OMG i WON! Then i remembered i can't win a lotto i didn't enter, duh! :o0
Elle Driver Posts: 508
I never got one of these calls thank God. Do they sound Irish or foreign (not being racist like...)?
streaks Posts: 3592
These really piss me off >:o( I got one a few weeks ago but they didn't speak at all?! They kept ringing back that evening but i didn't answer incase it was reversed charges incase thats possible?
Genegirl Posts: 2110
This guy said he was calling from London but i couldnt figure out his accent. He didnt get to talk to me that long anyway.... :o0