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melonette Posts: 35
Got married 3 weeks ago and have to say it was the best few weeks of my life. Back from the honeymoon and have been eating and drinking out every night since the wedding. have put on a stone but it's well deserved. for those whose weddings are nearly here, make sure to enjoy all the days beforehand. go meet people, answer the phone, tell everyone you meet you're getting ,married as you'll never ever get the special treatment again. everyone is so nice and happy for you and in shops, etc., always get freebies. just enjoy it and so what if you're wrecked, you only get one chance so grab it and enjoy!!
tootsy Posts: 779
ah thats sweet
xlexi Posts: 595
Aww thats so nice melonette I love ready posts like this I get so excited for my own wedding. I'm so happy your had a great day and honeymoon I wish you the best of luck in the future.
melonette Posts: 35
thank you. it really is great fun. i was exhausted but looking back i was so glad i went out the nights before, spent hours on phone, etc. people will never care as much about you again. and that's the sad bit. but look, enjoy every minute as it flies.
s wife Posts: 1445
i cant wait for my turn :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
melonette Posts: 35
[quote="manda":1gy2jjjo]i cant wait for my turn :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll[/quote:1gy2jjjo] i'm so jealous!! make sure to drop it into every conversation that you're getting married. the amount of free drinks, dinners, make-up, cosmetics, and not to mention fussing. i usually hate fussing but hey enjoy it. and when you're on honeymoon, tell everyone. we got lots of upgrades, free desserts, free wine and far more attention and care. in our lodge in maui they covered the bed with petals once we said we were on honeymoon and even put petals in the toilet bowl. sweet.
Lexus Posts: 791
that is fantastic advise and im definitely going to take it, thank you O-O
MrsD2B08 Posts: 910
lovely post.. have to say.. i am starting to tell everyone i meet.. we were out last night and the owner came over and said something and i was straight in there with "we are getting married in 7 weeks".. just keep telling everyone.. stone is well deserved... if i only put on a stone i'll be happy