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Emme Posts: 4735
yeah like the other girls have said she sounds toxic - i'd cut her out!
Joleigh Posts: 4242
I didnt read this whole post so dont know if someone already said this, but it sounds like the one with the face on her is jealous! If shes not seeing anyone, never mind being close to getting married, she obviously has a bee in her bonnet that you were a beautiful bride and now you'll be a Mammy. Everything is happening for you the way she prob wants it to happen for her. If she doesnt get that face off her she'll never get a fella! People can be funny, dont let them get to you. You are the only person who will ever carry this baby for 9 months. thats so special so dont let their stupid moods ruin it for you. Enjoy every minute! xxx
MrsMoneypenny Posts: 783
Wifey i hear ya!!! some people just dont react the way you think they would. A friend of mine is completely freaked with children. They are so not in her radar and when i was about 20 weeks pg i was over visiting her and she said she'd had a scare while on holidays and that if she had been pg she would have been straight over to england for an abortion!! I just thought "christ what an insensitve cow" - she can do what she wants but jesus not when her obviously pg friend was sitting there, she didn't need to be so blunt!! Anyway not to hijack your post but i do understand and as 27/28 maybe she is completely clueless as to how important a time this is for you (i feel she should try to even remotely understand) but i think she may never know till she's in that situation. Hope it doesn't stress you out to much. I know it's easier said than done to talk to her about it but it may be an idea but only if you feel her friendship is actually worth fighting for. At times like this you find out who you're friends are :eek :eek that i have learnt too!!! :eek :eek
wifeey Posts: 176
Joleigh the amount of things that have happened recently and everyone keeps saying it sounds like jealousy, i hate even thinking like that cos it makes you sound smug that someone is jealous of me iykwim, but i know she is really really wanting to be in a relationship at the minute so i guess it's maybe just hard for her. But the more she does it the worse our friendship is becoming so your right MrsMoneypenny you do find out who your friends are! MrsMoneypenny .... that was unreal your friend talking about abortion and you sitting there pg, honestly some people just don't think :eek I think i'm just sick of being walked over, always trying to please them cos i don't want them thinking i've dropped them, but as they say little apples grow again & i'm sure her turn will come some day wonder how she'll feel then!! Why can us girls be so mean sometimes men never do this to each other!!! Maybe i should sicken the crap out of her when i see her next & just talk flat out about my pregnancy >:o) Nah i wouldn't do it to her i've honestly came to the conclusion it's her problem not mine :thnk
frangipani Posts: 1543
[quote="wifeey":304220o9] [b:304220o9]Maybe i should sicken the crap out of her when i see her next & just talk flat out about my pregnancy [/b:304220o9]>:o) Nah i wouldn't do it to her i've honestly came to the conclusion it's her problem not mine :thnk[/quote:304220o9] :o0 i'm with you on that one! i just wonder if the situation was the other way around i.e. she was the one married and PG and you were the one passing the pointed comments would she be as tolerant with you or how you felt about it! if your DH is anything like my DH and noticed then that says a lot! like everyone says cut the bad friends loose. you don't need to be around those people, and focus on the friends who are happy for you and make you feel good about yourself.