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BridalBliss2Be Posts: 4
Hi there, Getting married next year and I only really want one bridesmaid for my wedding. Anyone else have this too? I want a reasonably low key wedding because I am not interested in a lot of fuss, and my sister is the only person that I actually want helping me out. I just feel like a few bridesmaids would be expected for photos etc. Trying not to stress about it but its hard not to. Thanks
mrsmcc2502 Posts: 497
I'm having just one, my only sister, my h2b has more siblings but he's just having one as well. I think it looks lovely and simple and straightforward. After a few months I thought about asking my friend, worked out how much it would cost, the extra dress tan shoes hair makes nails, the extra groomsman, the extra wedding car we would now need etc - came to nearly. £1000! If you're happy with one then that's perfect for you! Plus it's so handy having to suit just one body shape for BM dress...
nik_2204 Posts: 6
Im having just one bridesmaid too. Neither of us have sisters and neither does my bridesmaid. He's having 5 standing which is fine by me. It's someth that is unique to us... The one problem which has arisen is my bridesmaid trying to organise the hen on her own. Add to that people not replying and being awkward.. I'm her best friend and she feels she can't "bitch"( for want of a better term) to me about it as I'm supposed to be saved the hassle...
maybride2017 Posts: 232
I'm having one aswell, ive no sister so im having my SIL, I love how much hassle it has saved me, all we need to find is one dress, and if she likes it and it suits her then sorted, no trying to please loads of different people and different body shapes. My OH is only having one best man aswell. Don't add numbers just for the sake of photos, your photos will be great because the people you want will be in them :)
Joyce18 Posts: 96
Same here! I'm just having my sister and he's having just one of his brothers. Thankfully it's what we both wanted so that worked out well!!
MissyM67 Posts: 337
A few of my friends just had one. .It's completely fine. Only have who you want :)
katie3 Posts: 40
I have three, and have regretted it ever since. I should have just had my one sister, the other two are bitter with each other and don't communicate very well at all. I havnt had it easy. Have one, highly recommended. We are have a small wedding too, and three bridesmaids cost us a lot for our small wedding
BridalBliss2Be Posts: 4
Thank you for the replies on this! I feel better now knowing that others have only had one bridesmaid too! I guess I will have less of a focus on the wedding party in our photos and more of a focus on me and my fiance. Plus there's less hassle getting dresses. Thanks again!