Just ordered my dress.... opinions please

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einstein Posts: 485
[url:3skp68vb]http://www.madonna.pl/_files/_kolekcje/pronovias/2007/nectar.jpg[/url:3skp68vb] [url:3skp68vb]http://www.madonna.pl/_files/_kolekcje/pronovias/2007/nectar_1.jpg[/url:3skp68vb]
MrsDecemberBride07 Posts: 594
[img:1xbgn522]http://www.madonna.pl/_files/_kolekcje/pronovias/2007/nectar.jpg[/img:1xbgn522] beautiful!
ms crooner Posts: 621
Oh my god that dress has serious wow factor attached to it. Its fab.
einstein Posts: 485
Thanks girls, Not sure how to post a pic, can someone put up the full length one if poss? I love it! Pronovias once again.....
MrsDecemberBride07 Posts: 594
[img:3gd60bc7]http://www.madonna.pl/_files/_kolekcje/pronovias/2007/nectar_1.jpg[/img:3gd60bc7] here you go
WilmaFlintstone Posts: 1318
Gorgeous [img:1jfdu4ve]http://www.madonna.pl/_files/_kolekcje/pronovias/2007/nectar_1.jpg[/img:1jfdu4ve]
rop Posts: 1453
oh Eintein That is :o)ll F :o)ll A :o)ll B :o)ll love it!! can i ask where you ordered it from??? :o)ll L :o)ll O :o)ll V :o)ll E :o)ll :o)ll I :o)ll T :o)ll
maggie m Posts: 154
Oh my god Einstein that dress is absolutely stunning, i love it,id say its gorgeous on
summer09 Posts: 807
Hi Einstein I love love love it!!! Did you get from Bond street? I am going there 18th Jan 08 my sister got her dress from there a couple of weeks ago. This one is on my short list of ones to try on, my sister said that the colour is more ivory than it looks, she also tried this one on. :o)ll
einstein Posts: 485
Thanks again! Ordered in Kathy De Staffords in Dublin. Its really nice on. Delighted with it.