just sent a bit of a stupid text

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sunflowergalcork Posts: 481
a girl in work just got engaged, i never knew her well until the last few months and i think that she is a really lovely person( i had prejudged her if im beinghonest). i just sent her a text saying that it has been great getting to knowher and she deserves lots of happiness, think i might have sounded alike a sap and am morto now. O:|
newyear09wife Posts: 899
awh i wouldnt think so... if that was me recieving that text Id be thrilled and touched... it was a lovely thought!
shortie26 Posts: 260
I would be delighted also hun...think it really nice thing to say and she be in love buzz anyway so be thrilled with your thoughts :lvs
sunflowergalcork Posts: 481
thanks girls. im a mushy person but sometimes should remember not everyone is hehe
HighMaintenance26 Posts: 2303
That was a lovely text to send, i would love if someone sent me a hearfelt text like that :lvs don't be morto
Doll Face Posts: 3721
That sounds lovely ....... :lvs I got loads of texts like that the day before the wedding i thought they where sweet .........!!!
HighMaintenance26 Posts: 2303
Welcome back doll face, how does it feel to be a mrs? how was the honeymoon?
Muse Posts: 1580
i'd be thrilled to get that text myself, dont sweat it!
Serendipity2009 Posts: 1224
I am also a big squishy and I forget that not everyone is too, but I am never embarrassed by being nice to people. I don't think there is enough nice people in the world, and people who genuinely care about others. If it was me I would be thrilled to bits to get that text :xxx
Mrs2babridesoon Posts: 3319
sunflowergalcork, that is a lovely text!