Just trying out my new pic

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sally Posts: 1140
hi.... just ignore this message
sally Posts: 1140
didnt work.... am computer illerate
NotHere Posts: 10273
What you trying to do hun?
sally Posts: 1140
cool it worked.... hes saying 'tell them your husband did it' :o0 :o0 Was trying to get a pic of sally but this is just as good... im a big fan
glade Posts: 278
[quote:ce2kvdhp]'tell them your husband did it' [/quote:ce2kvdhp] Bless!! Fair play to DH he deserves now to have the couch, remote delivered in one hand and beer delivered in the other. And don't forget apron over your birthday suit! :o0 :o0
sally Posts: 1140
In fairness he does cause it took him an hour... and I told him it was ok and not to bother. I have no patience with these things.... next job is one of those tickers. Maybe im better off not having a pic of sally from home and away as she has been almost killed dozens of times, had a stalker, had cancer, is a widow and an orphan.... maybe not the best person to associate myself with. But in summer bay things always work out ok in the end.