Just wondering.. (And a second query further down2-thanx!)

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just_me Posts: 3
Hi girls, undercover wollie here, just have a (silly-ish) question for yous.... (sorry for the anon thing, but there are a few people on here who know me and i want to keep this under wraps for a while if i am...) h2b and I dtd 3 times this weekend, and we always use condoms, and are extremely careful, but afterwards this morning when i was "tidying up", i knotted the top of the condom and noticed a little fluid on the outside of it, we usually do check, and this was the first time i'd ever noticed anything like this. To double check, I filled it with water then and it looked like there was a small pinsized hole in the tip of it, because a small amount of fluid began to seep through again. I am just wondering what the likelihood is that I could maybe have gotten pregnant from it. I know sperm cells are smaller than water droplets etc, but do u think it could be possible??? AF not due for another 2 weeks, so i'm sure i'll know for sure then if i do miss, but its just been on my mind all day since.. If I am/ could be pregnant, its def not a bad thing, dont get me wrong, im just wondering!!! Also, should I wait until when/if i miss AF before I do a test? Sorry for the silly-ish q's, but i'm all new to the ttc/ pregnancy thing! Thanks!!
Beaubelle Posts: 741
There is a possibility Just me, but on the other hand, it is possible that the condom ripped when it was finished with rather than before so you never know. You would also have to be lucky to get pregnant on the one time, even if you didn't use a condom at all, though it's definitely not impossible... (Speaking from experience here!...) I would do a HPT just to put your mind at ease anyway If you don't get your AF when it's due. If you can't wait that long, the first response tests are sensitive enough to test a few days before you are due your AF so you could try one of these. Either way though, you're going to have to wait a little while!! Hope you're happy whatever the result :wv
just_me Posts: 3
Beaubelle, thanks so much for your reply. I was thinking myself it would be a little unlikely that I could, but like i said I just wondered.. h2b and I have decided to wait another 2-3 yrs (get married buy house if poss etc etc) before ttc, but as we said before, if a happy accident happened between now and then, happy days! :o)ll Girls do get pregnant from holes in condoms though, i know, but i wasnt sure of how likely it was that i could get pregnant from one accident. It did happen before but he'd ripped it when he was taking it off, so knew there wasnt a risk that time. I guess i'll just wait another 2 weeks or so to see if there is anything from AF, and can do a test then. "whats meant for you, won't pass you" and all that!! Thanks again, and best of luck with your pregnancy!!
just_me Posts: 3
I'm still wondering - - - - - im due for a smear next week, and if AF is late, should i cancel the smear for fear if i am pregnant after the condom mishap or would it affect it at all???? instinct says cancel but not sure! new to all of this, sorry, but it just crossed my mind there....
foxxxygrace Posts: 33
On the hole in the condom thing, I would imagine it IS possible, but it depends on your ovulation cycle and how fertile you and h2b are..... have you ever had BFP before just_me?? If i was you i would do a HPT after your AF is due and see if it does show positive. Best of luck with it anyhow, and whatever happens, i hope you're happy!! On your second question, I would assume that you would cancel the smear until you know for sure?? I'm no expert, so wouldn't know for sure! HTH
RJR Posts: 962
I'd cancel the smear just_me - I was due one when I got PG and you cant have them while PG Best of luck!
jill80 Posts: 565
I'd postpone the smear for a month too. Best of luck with the result, whichever way it goes!
desperate4bfp Posts: 316
there should be no problem having a smear while pregnant, just say it to your doc first though to be sure