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kittysue Posts: 1016
.....about which set of parents to tell first about the pregnancy.????
spanish mum Posts: 2468
no, though we did ours over the phone. phoned my mum, then my sister, then my bro, then dh's mum and dad..then my dad (he is always last as he would pick phone straight up and tell whoever we hadnt told yet!) :o0
Urban Fairy Posts: 3987
No, wouldnt have been an issue. Its just a case of logistics and being practical. We wanted to wait until I was 10 weeks pregnant to tell the parents. DH's mum was working that day, and we were in my mum's house for dinner so we told her after dinner that day and then told DH's mum when she came home from work. Sorry if your having a hassle with your DH over this subject.
Trafford Posts: 463
No issue over it. We told mine first over the phone as it was Christmas and we were with his folks for Christmas last year. Ideally I had wanted to go up and visit the weekend before to tell my folks in person but the snow put paid to that.
Boo2011 Posts: 62
Hiya, We didn't have that argument cause I told my mum early on and he's telling his mum today. However, it if had arose, my strong argument would have been, if I'm the one doing the puking and the pushing, then I get to choose on that one. He really wouldn't have had a leg to stand on !!! :-) Good luck !! Boo
nelswife Posts: 3869
No, it wasn't an issue, we told my parents first we called up to see them the day i got my pregnancy confirmed by the doc, then we went up to his parents and told them..)they literlly live about a 4 min drive away from each other ,my mam and dad were waiting around the corner with a bottle of champers so as soon as we told DH parents my mam and dad went into their house for a night of celebrations!! Hope you get it sorted out!
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
No but we knew we could'nt tel dh parent's yet as FIL would not be able to keep it a secret but we've told my mum as i speak to her everyday and its so hard knowing and her not so I felt so guilty and obviously the excitement I wanted to tell her. we're not telling his parents until we're 12 weeks.
JourneyNo2 Posts: 220
Hey Kitty - firstly congrats !!! The only thing I would say and perhaps I am biased but I do think that there is slightly more significance for a mother hearing that her daughter is going to have a baby - to me its like when you get married - its sort of sometimes more of an occassion for the brides family - in that they are most likely to be more involved in the wedding preparations - a womans mother is probably a bit more likely to be involved in her daughters pregnancy than the mother of the guy ! We told my parents before DH's parents and it just seemed a bit natural that way - i couldnt contain myself and told my mum straight away - we might have waited maybe another 2 weeks before we told my inlaws but it didtn seem to be an issue really - hope its not causing too many rows but I have to say I do think the mother - ie you - should have a bit more of a say in this one !!!
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
Firstly Congratulations on your pregnancy. It wasn't something that we argued about at all. As it happens we told my parents first with my ds and dh's parents first this time but that was just by accident and not in any way planned. Personally I don't think that either party should feel they have more right to tell their parents first as I am sure both are equally excited about expecting a new baby. Enjoy telling both sets of parents because it is a lovely time. Congrats again.
lannah Posts: 574
No issues with our side either although I have to be careful with my OH sometimes as my family are super involved in my life (and me in theirs) so I am conscious of keeping a balance with mine and his family sometimes. So I told my mum on a Saturday night, my Dad on the Sunday morning and his parents on the Sunday afternoon. I think it might have upset him if there had been a major gap between telling my side and his side.