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MrsPatience Posts: 1147
know when you were going to get your BFP or was it totally out of blue least unexpected? Just wondering to myself if I will know, people always say you will get your BFP when you least expect it, but how on earth would be when least expect it when every month your just hoping its the one. :action34 ....I've had so many months at this stage that resukt in a BFN i just cant imagine I will ever expect to see the BFP result...im in last few days b4 she is due i just hate hate these days :o( .....so from you you lucky girls just curious did it just happen when u least expected it or did you just know!!?? :thnk :wv
Ochre Posts: 877
Hugs, MrsPatience; the wait is horrible and I can only imagine that it gets worse each month. I think people say things like that to try and make you feel better but I can see why it wouldn't. As you say, you're so focused trying to get the result so why would it come as a surprise? Every now and then I read about wollies who had something massive going on the month they got their BFP like a new job or a loss in the family or something really traumatic and I can see why then it'd come as a surprise. So what I'd say to you is that if it doesn't give you any comfort - dismiss it! Tell yourself that people who say that are spoofers! It's not something that I'd have taken a whole lot from - I much preferred the signature that one wolly on TTC has "every month that I don't get a BFP takes me closer to my BFP" or something along those lines. As to me, I felt like I was doing everything I could (in terms of taking EPO, Agnust Castus, Robitussin and using preseed and the CBFM) so I was expecting to get a BFP and it happened for me. I kind of went from zero to 60 in that front - I ignored people who said have a few months of just trying and it might work. I figured I'd go in all guns blazing. If it hadn't worked for months and months, I'm sure I would have got really downhearted about it because I'd have felt I was doing everything "right".
MrsPatience Posts: 1147
Thanks Ochre you're very kind :xxx i have to say even though its sooooo hard every month that it isnt yours as all the girls in TTC section know only to well i do believe well im closer...have to keep the faith please god soon.... thanks again for your response :thnk
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
I hope and pray its your month MrsP, Looking at your "signature" I too say that prayer to St. Gerard every night.... For me it was a wierd one, I went over to superdrug (2 days before af were due on a 27 day cycle) to buy black nail varnish and for some reason came out with a pregnancy test, told no one not even DH that I had bought it, tested in work :-8 :-8 and got a BFP :ooh :ooh :ooh , then had to ring DH in Mayo and tell him what I had done, so eventhough I dont think I had an idea I was PG, surely I must have had to go to superdrug for nail varnish and come out with a pregnancy test :o0 :o0 :o0
MrsPatience Posts: 1147
Thanks MrsSummer :xxx please god its my month.....lovely surprise for ye ...think i've ran out of black nail varnish actually ;o) :o0 i will say the Prayer to St. Gerard for the next few days and see if it works.....I'll be back to let ye know!! :wv cross your fingers & toes for me..... :thnk
Ochre Posts: 877
Fingers and toes definitely crossed for you!
MrsDarcy Posts: 805
Hi MrsP loads of :babydust: for you this month, will say a prayer for you When I was trying for my BFP I was the opposite of ochre, I didn't take any remedies or use anything other than happybumps opks. I got overly obsessed with the whole thing tho. It got to the stage where it was an unhealthy obsession - I would use nearly 3 sticks every day once af had finished incase I missed my ov day - even though it's a small window, I used to cover all base's. The month I got my bfp I got dh to hide all the sticks as he was torn apart from seeing me being unhealthily obsessed with the whole thing and then totally heartbroken when I got bfn after bfn. We were trying for nearly 10 months and I know a lot of other wollies try a lot longer than that but when you keep getting knocked back every month - whether its one month or twenty-one months trying, it's flippin hard! All I would say to you is that everyone is different. No two wollies are the same so please don't listen to people, whatever they may say. This site is great for advise and a bit of banter, but the month I stopped the opks I also took a break from the internet and didn't look at a book about the whole ttc experience, as (no offence wollies :lvs ) my head was wrecked from all the talk about it. Im sorry to be so long-winded but my heart goes out to you coz so many of us have been in this position and it's not nice. Although we can take all the remedies and do all the tests we are supposed to do, we really are leaving it up to faith at the end of the day. There's only so much you can do. How long have you been trying pet?
MrsPatience Posts: 1147
Thank you so much girls.....I actually remember you MrsDarcy :-8 I was so delighted when i seen you got your BFP...funny cos i didnt even know you but i knew you were finding it hard you and Candypants actually two i particularily delighted for as for all the other girls too obviously!! I am on my 10th month :o( i suppose really coming to the year mark next month when we first decided to TTC (a few months suppose werent really ttc). I know all about the obsession, this month in particular finding v. hard as I am sure everyone that hasnt got theirs is, but i have watched my friends & others around me fall pg and now i am getting to meet the babies :o0 which are gorgeous, friends are on their 2nd babies now and i just so hope i can have my day VERY SOON!! I have support and my dh is great but im alone in the obsession, tried everyting i think now, apart from the CBFM so thats the last thing then if not, in 2011 investigations ( we both have all the initial and DH test done - all normal thank god)... But girls thank you so much, TTC section is great but just lovely talking to someone who has been through it and now pg with a beautiful bundle of joy....and im sure your treasuring every moment....maybe with this wait i will enjoy it all the more hey!! Wishing you best of luck hope to join ye soon :thnk :wv
TAZ DEVIL Posts: 1706
mrs darcy is right, every wollie is totally different, BUT ttc and all the threads, forums, books, opks etc etc can be and are overwhelming and take over your life, i had to pull myself away from trains and ovulation tickers and when i stopped obsessing i got my first bfp, BUT thats just my personal experience. i didnt hold onto my beans unfortunately but this time round, i didnt even look out for dtd on ov dates, it just happened and it was a total surprise tbh. i have to say though i found saying my prayer to St. Gerald and Our Lady a few days towards my af date calmed me down a little bit. :babydust: ... plenty of that stuff, hopefully this is your month xx
happymonkey Posts: 555
Hi MrsP. On the 12th month ttc I got pregnant (I wasn't long after a surgerical procedure for an unrelated matter) but unfortunately my body hadn't healed and I had a miscarriage. It was totally devastating, I was gutted and yet it gave me perspective on the whole ttc thing. Up to that point I was so stressed and it was effecting my sleep. I tried not to dwell on the whole thing but it was so hard. After the miscarriage, I think I did just handed the whole thing over - NOTHING, I felt, was worth this amount of anxiety. I didn't want to lose my marbles. My husband and I became so close, we looked on the bright side (at least after 12mths we knew I could conceive) and I stayed away from forums etc.. We took a break for a cycle and the next cycle I got pregnant again. I was still using agnus castus, clearblue digital ov and felt all these increased my chance and it turns out they did. I also am spiritual and prayed to Archangel Michael & Our Lady to mind my baby until it came to me. Lots of :o)ll to you.