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sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
Hi Guys, I posted this in V&S and got no respond, prob wrong place Are ye having a drinks reception? Our hotel offers Tea/Coffee/ Biscuits - would you have champs, wine on top of that??? Maybe a couple of Bottles of wine and when its gone, its gone???? I dont know, i feel Tea & Biscuits may be not enough???? Also what are the main Q's you asked and discounts you looked for before booking your venue. We have our tour to-night of one of the hotels were intestered in, so i want to be prepared? Thanks in adv
Mrs Decemberbride Posts: 4337
well we have gotten no discounts so far so dont really hold out for that! re reception we are xmas so we are having mulled wine and maybe some mince pies but they provide the tea and coffee and biscuits so that is the max we'll go to!!! champers is great if thats what you want but maybe ask about the price difference of that against a sparkling wine most people wont notice the difference and there is usually a price difference we had to get the night food and had no choice so check about that check if there is a time the bar closes if it is extra for bar extension all things you might have thought of already most of all enjoy this special time!!make sure your venue has that special wow factor for you two. enjoy
TokenMale Posts: 6845
I've been at weddings where punch was served, weddings where fizz was served, weddings where just tea and coffee were served. Assuming there's a bar open, most people will probably just make a bee-line for that anyway, so if you're happy enough with just tea and coffee then I'd say you'll be grand.
bumble Posts: 1980
We're having tea / coffee and also sparkling wine (going to give them a limit to serve though!). We're also having platters of cheese/crackers and fruit dipped in chocolate. We're not having afters though (our hotel doesn't allow them) and so there'll be no evening food after the meal so that's why we're doing a bit more for the drinks reception. Plus most people wont have had anything since breakfast as our wedding is at 1pm. Deffo go for sparkling wine instead of champers! Champagne is a sparkling wine, just from champagne region in france but is usually pricey. Prosecco is the italian version and Cava is the spanish (i think!) version. Our hotel serves prosecco and the wedding co-ordinator there said it's as good as the champagne. Plus it's half the price.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
our hotel as standard provides tea, coffee, homemade biscuits (which are yum!") summer punch or mulled wine - all free of charge. Different hotels will have different things to try to entice you to book with them. Im not booking anything other than this as there is a bar and people will go there regardless of what is out in reception.
sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
Thanks, I think Tea/coffee and Biscuits is enough. Peopel do tend to run to the bar first, me included. We are planning a Jan wedding, so i'm gotta ask for 2008 prices, (which some have said ok) if a Friday is choosing i'm gonna ask for a drinks Reception. I read somewhere other poster got a MINI drinks reception complimentary as she selected a Friday. Bar time too and resid bar - must ask that. I'm actually finding it stressful as they is many places to look at, or maybe i'm so fussy. Wanna book soon............
TheRock Posts: 265
i think people are expecting too much anymore, i heard a friend of mine saying "i couldnt believe they had no champagne reception" about a friends wedding a few months ago. such sh1t, i feel all of these things add up. we are having mulled wine or summer punch depending on weather (october 13th) it could go anyway!! :o0 and the hotel are providing tea and coffee. i think if people want a pint they can feck off to the bar. also we are not giving a drink for the toast, i have been at weddings where a double vodka and reb bull was ordered and loads of shorts, people have some cheek >:o( sorry that turned into a rant :o0
waffy Posts: 410
[quote="TheRock":1rkv0hq3]ialso we are not giving a drink for the toast, i have been at weddings where a double vodka and reb bull was ordered and loads of shorts, people have some cheek >:o( sorry that turned into a rant :o0[/quote:1rkv0hq3] we [b:1rkv0hq3]are[/b:1rkv0hq3] giving a round of drinks for the toast but with strict instruction that's it's no doubles/cocktails/shots/piss taking whatsoever. as for arriving at the hotel - they provide tea/coffee/biscuits. we're going to have some food as i think people will be hungry by then but they can head to the bar themselves if they want drinks. don't want people too :hic before dinner!!
sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
Totally agree with you, people do expect more and the pressure it puts on us then. The stuff hotels had though makes me think, or if we dont get it will it look bad... I have to say i dont notice reception drinks, a nice meal and a boogie is what i look for. It all competition now, she had that and they didnt.
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
Hi there, here is a list of questions I had... Hope it helps :wv What arethe arrangements for greeting guests when they arrive? Is there a drinks reception? What’s included in the ‘Wedding Package”? Is there complimentary accommodation for the bride and groom or parents? Is there a 2nd nite included? Is there a discounted rate for guests staying over? How much? Howdo you display and organize the tables? Are menu’s Included? How many per table? What table decoration do you supply, if any? Do you provide flowers for the top table? How much can you incorporate my colour scheme into the room? Will there be someone to put out my table favours? Cake stands – What type do you have? Do you print a table plan out? Can you pipe music through the room during the meal? What time would the meal be served? Do you come around with more vegetables during the meal? How much wine is needed per table? Do you do corkage? Vegetarian Menu option? Children’s Menu options? When should the cake be left in, and where will it be stored? What time is the cake served? And how much is cut? What is the best time to invite the evening guests to arrive? How long after the meal will the room be ready for the band? What is the deposit, and when do we make final payment? How do we confirm booking? How many rooms are allocated to the wedding party? When do we have to give final numbers, and if that differs on the day are there any costs incurred? How many staff will be assigned to the wedding? Is the service charge included in the overall price? How do I go about setting up a bar extension? Is there a place for smokers?