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clarebelle Posts: 53
Hi anyone tried Kadee bridal in athlone i see a comment on this forum if your above a size 14 dont go there any experience of this there is some lovely dresses on there website?
Elizabeth Bennett Posts: 682
I wouldn't bother. There are much nicer shops around to deal with, life is too short to deal with the difficult ones. Also, their website is very deceiving as they don't have many of the same dresses on display as on the website. I was a size 12 so don't know about their size issues but if you heard something to this effect I wouldn't be surprised. They kind of act like they are doing you a favour selling you a dress. This is all coming from someone who went to a lot of effort to buy a dress from them but now wish I hadn't.
MrsAtobe Posts: 1158
I liked it there, but I'm a 12 so can't shed any light on being over 14.
Mrsmonoiam Posts: 417
I saw the pop up store in Kinnity Castle a while back and they had fab dresses. So I made an app to go see them. App was for 10am....they arrived to open at 10.10. Very disappointed with their selection compared to what I saw in the pop up shop. Im a 12/14. The lady tried to squeeze me in to size 8's and 10's. Told me the fish was fab on me...but it wasnt!! I found a fab dress there, was a 12 but wasnt my wow dress. My sisters are both 16 and were looking a BM dresses there and they had noe. On top of that there was 2 or 3 other brides being fitted at the same time. So I wasnt very impressed with them. You should try Thistles bridal Couture in Tuam, there fantastic great sizes and Owen is brilliant there. Or even try Tracey Bridal, i tried on some 16's there....... Good luck!
clarebelle Posts: 53
great thx id be a size 14-16 i have tried loads of different shops already and there has been no problem getting ones that suit so dont want to experience a bridal shop like that yet.