Karen millen peep toe aqua colour shoes

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broody chick Posts: 203
Hello all, I have found the perfect matching shoes in karen millen but unfortuantely the stock it at the tailend of a sale and the sizes i need are not there. Karen millen are checking there uk stores but it is looking slim. I am bidding for a pair of size 5 on ebay which closes this evening. Do anyone have size six that they would love to sell for a reasonable price. I so love them but not sure can i pull this off. I need [u:1o4scbxd]two[/u:1o4scbxd] size 6 [39].[img] As have no idea how to attached a photo please find the e-bay link to view the shoe. : Fingers crossed ... dZViewItem[/img][/img]
Picnic Posts: 921
here's the pic: [img:2iazmkmb][/img:2iazmkmb]
broody chick Posts: 203
o thank you so much . I am delighted you did that for me. Fingers crossed now. Apartently the shoes where out since last season so they should be loads of owners out there...