Kathy De Stafford Bridal?

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jan07 Posts: 23
any idea on average cost of a wedding dress? am a huge fan of kathy de stafford no clue what dresses start at though? anyone out there who can assist?
hunky_dorey Posts: 2714
is it one of her own designs or a designer she stocks?
bashful Posts: 307
3k min i think from the ones i looked at , bit too much for my budget O:|
daisybride Posts: 11
Hiya. Went to DeStaffords last week as I was up visiting my mother-in-law to be who lives in Dublin. Already decided on my dress in Cork which is a Pronovias but felt I had to go through the motions for her to feel included in all this wedding lark. I must say that I was gobsmacked at the difference in the price of her dresses compared to Cork! My pronovias dress was 300euro more up there. I guess she has to cover her cost of being smack in the middle of Dublin!! I found the average when I tried my dresses first day were around 1800. 3k sounds a lot. Maybe you should shop around. Best of luck.
Bridey 08 Posts: 80
Hi I'm getting my dress in Kathy De Stafford in Nenagh and its around the 2k mark. I didn't really see any for 3k. I heard that you'd pay more in Dublin for the exact dress.