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pricilla Posts: 1564
I wasn't around yesterday so apologies if there is a thread already. What's the story, she had a heart attack? She's only 24, what's going on? The poor family, I'm shocked, does anyone have any info?
survivor Posts: 2507
According to the RTE news last night she had several heart attacks. Don't know why.
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
It says in the papers today that she has been known to do cocaine on occasions. Nevertheless, I hope she will be okay.
charli Posts: 5994
yeah there is another post - the stories goes towards, drugs more and more. seems a "friend" found her convulsing/fitting at a party about 12.30pm at night. i hope she pulls through, her poor family! that said it may not be drug related but all signs seems to be indicating that it could be cocaine
pricilla Posts: 1564
I just found the thread [url:245lea9n]http://www.weddingsonline.ie/discussion/viewtopic.php?t=117739[/url:245lea9n] Oh no, that is dreadful news altogether.
Bee Posts: 88
If drugs were involved then surely the Gardai would be interviewing people? May have been something like sudden adult death syndrome. Whatever it is God love her family.
charli Posts: 5994
it was said, that while waiting for the ambulance, certain party-goers fled in taxis and gardai were looking to interview everyone that was there that night house owner will have to give names i am sure
WifeZilla Posts: 1222
To be completely honest, i'd believe the source that she was defo doing charlie and had obviously mixed with alcohol or something. You need to be doing something to yourself to induce not just one heart attack, but several. It's always been related to cocaine overdosing as it causes valves in the heart to close and stop letting blood in and out. As much as i don't like the girl, it's terrible what happened to her but if it was cocaine related, i don't have a lot of sympathy. We all know the dangers and not to mention it being totally illegal. Sorry but that's how i feel. I would however have sympathy for her poor family who are dealing with the current situation. I also want to say that guy Gavin Lambe murphy is a total TOOL! Did anyone see him on Mirium Callaghan's primetime last night? He was there to regail tales of his A-list party lifestyle and looked out of his bin on something aswell. All he did was dribble on about something like Oh there's nothing dignified kneeling in a D&G suit snorting coke off a toilet seat 'cos although cocaine use is related to the very upper class with lots of money, scumbags like yourselves watching in your polyester rags can also have it readily available and become addicted too! Muppett, i hate him!
charli Posts: 5994
no didnt see him, but he is a complete plank so i can imagine the drivvle he came out with what with the Waterford house party and now this it really brings it home that cocaine is not a recreational drug
einstein Posts: 485
Whatever has happened she doesnt deserve this, nor do her family. I think its very sad and it says a lot for society nowadays. Cocaine seems to be worse than ever and as far as I can see people have the "it wont happen to me" mentality which is just madness. I wish her a healthy recovery. Its sad to see her looking so healthy and happy in her birthday photos and now she is on a life support. People need to stop taking cocaine.... its only going to get worse.