keep dreaming i'm pregnant

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mrsjay Posts: 190
long time lurker girls - trying not to post too much (at all actually) so as not to get too caught up in this but god this is torture. i've been having these dreams lately where i'm pregnant or where i'm doing a test and seeing the little pink line appear and i absolutely convince myself i'm pregnant. then i wake up and get back to reality and realise it was all just a dream - it's so headwrecking. those first few moments when you're waking up and you feel all happy thinking you've got a baby inside are so nice (and unreal!!) only to have to wake up and smell the coffee. this is our 3rd month ttc "properly" and i'm sooo dying to have a baby it's unreal. yesterday i heard of 2 new pregnancies - that's 20 now this year! i'm very happy for our friends but just can't wait till it's our turn and wonder when it'll ever happen. anyway, lots and lots of babydust to everyone else in the same boat as myself and congrats to all the new moms to be!
DublinGal Posts: 151
hey mrsjay. I'm the same, well I had a dream early this week that I had a baby and was playing with her on the rug in my living room, givng her loads of kisses and cuddles. it was really nice actually. hopefully it will ccome true.....soon Good Luck to you!
mrsjay Posts: 190
and you too dublingal!!!
Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
Mrsjay, I am the same I constantly dream that I am still pregnant, I even wake myself up and feel my stomach only to realise there’s nothing there…..I find that if I think about it before I go to bed at night I am guaranteed to dream about been pregnant. Last few weeks though I have been dreaming about telling everybody that I am pregnant again and seeing there face’s is just brilliant, am hoping that’s going to happen really soon….. Best of luck for a BFP! :babydust:
Septbride Posts: 380
HI Girls, I dreamt i was pregnant on a friday night - the most real dream ever when i woke up i really thought the baby was in other bedroom!!! Anyways i decided to take a test on the sat morning (i was 2 days late) and it was my bfp-totally convinced my dream was a sign (prob not but sure its a nice story in my little head :-8 ) :babydust: to you all and please god your dreams will come true asap xxx
mrsjay Posts: 190
gosh babtalk - it's even more real for you which makes it much harder!! it's frustrating isn't it but alls we can do is look forward to the time it will happen for real i guess!! :babydust: :babydust: :babydust:
mrsjay Posts: 190
congratulations septbride!! it must be fantastic to dream you're pregnant, wake up and actually find it's true! nice one...
charlie crown Posts: 377
I dreamed my friend was pregnant and told her this the following day, a few weeks later she told me she was pregnant and that she'd only just found out when I told her about the dream - weird or what? Good luck mrsjay hope its our turn soon :xxx
Sassy Posts: 2269
I haven't once dreamt about being pregnant but i have had a dream about telling everyone. It was such an exciting dream, hopefully it will come true one day. I just can't wait.