Kenmare vacation - where to go in Emergency?

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Aletta80 Posts: 1
Hi girls, let me introduce myself first: I'm from Germany, currently 4 months pregnant, and we have planned a vacation in Ireland - precisely in Kenmare - in June. I really hope nothing happens to me or to my baby while we're in Kenmare, but you can never be sure. Therefore, my question goes out to you - where would I go in case I needed to see a doctor about any pregnancy-related issues (early contractions, bleeding, whatever...)? To a hospital - and would I need to go to one with a special maternity section? Or would even a so - called 'Community Hospital' do? Or could I also visit a GP or a consultant? As I would have to pay cash anyway, private or public does not really matter... Any recommendations are highly appreciated. Sorry for asking such a dumb question, but it seems the health system is completely different in Germany and Ireland and I'm somehow lost here... :-8 Thanks for your help - and have a great week! Aletta
DollyMomma Posts: 1231
Hi there Aletta. I didn't want to read and not reply, even though I wouldn't be familiar with the Kerry area. Kerry General Hospital in Tralee, Co. Kerry (a big town about 25 miles from Kenmare) would be the main maternity hospital for the Kerry area. Their phone number (when dialling within Ireland) is 066 718 4000. I would imagine your accomodation in Kenmare would have the phone numbers of local GP's (general practitioner doctors) that you could call in case of an emergency, but if it's a hospital you need I would imagine that Kerry General in Tralee would be the closest maternity hospital. Hope this helps, enjoy your holiday :wv
Delphinium Posts: 3027
PM'd you.