Kerry Katona had a boy five weeks early

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mariac Posts: 982
seriously wondering here if the poor child needs to be weaned off coke ? baby weighed 5lbs 4 oz and was 5 weeks early
lambnose Posts: 915
I know. It does seem a bit convenient for her that the baby arrived so early. Her last baby was premature as well and actually weighed less than baby Max did. I would not have put it past her to pay to have gotten the baby induced early (oohh I'm bitchy today!). I'm just jealous as she was due AFTER me!! :o0 :o0
mama2E Posts: 670
maybe I'm being a b**ch. But i heard on the radio at the beginning of last week that she had asked MTV to finish her series early on Friday just past (it was due to finish in another 5 weeks or something)!!!!!! Coincidence - I think NOT! Poor child!
mariac Posts: 982
i dont know what the story with her is - i liked her before - but the mtv series did her no favours - what was with her jaw and sniffing - defo taking drugs while pregnant
mama2E Posts: 670
I used to like her too but since the last child and that husband I just avoid reading anything about her.....I didn't watch the mtv show but have heard she was a mess
mariac Posts: 982
i watched a clip on mtvs site in the labour ward - and that dope hubby of hers said something like "are you enjoying this" while she was having a contraction - DH would be dead meat if he said this to me - i'ld say she was even drugged out of it during labour