Kerry Katona Pregnant

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Christmas B Posts: 6191
Did you hear that she's pregnant to the guy she got engaged to after 5 weeks of knowing him!! :shock: Hummmm............ I wonder will it last, cough cough!!! :? I actually kind of like her but she did the same with Brian and got engaged to him after only knowing him a few weeks too!! Hope she has a happy life seeing as her poo head ex has certainly got on with his!!
clucky Posts: 26471
is she? silly silly girl hate brian though !!! :twisted:
MrsJenni04 Posts: 422
Hate everything about her >:o(
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Just heard it too...what next :roll: no doubt OK magazine will have her plastered all over the cover each fecking week until the baby is born(not that she isn't on it already) She is only 9wks why can't she keep quiet about anything FFS O:|
Christmas B Posts: 6191
[quote:2sf7z3es]She is only 9wks why can't she keep quiet about anything FFS O:|[/quote:2sf7z3es] OMG........ is that all!!! Oh that's just silly announcing it to the world so soon!!
lisam Posts: 221
anything to get in the magazines.
cheile Posts: 1202
Just saw her on the cover of The Sun or The Mirror and she looks massive, are ye sure she's only 9weeks gone, she looks awful too!
MRS NYEB2007 Posts: 3275
Don't know why but always liked Kerry, the silly mare though. FFS over the last 2 years shes been in and out of the priory so her Mum was looking after her 2 babies, and now another one, but on the flip side maybe a baby with the man she loves(???) might help her depression???
lisam Posts: 221
i'd love to cut off her tongue!!
Hepburn Posts: 4081
I don't know......the only stable thing in her life seems to be the regularity of her front cover appearances. Can't see it ending well...she seems to have mental health issues. I would worry that if she has another breakdown Brian would have real grounds for a custody battle for their children. He lives in OZ...that would be the worst possible outcome.