Ketones in Sample

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Surfbaby Posts: 396
Hi all, I went to doctor today for my check up and he said there was ketones in sample and asked if I was thirsty. I said ya that I was busy all morning and had no chance to drink much all morning so he said that was prob it. But sure I came home and googled and saw it can be an indicator of gestational diabetes which I seem to have a fear of getting. I have watched my diet and am same weight as I was at my appointment to confirm preg at 5 weeks. Meant to add am 22 wks. Anyone any experience?
happymum2b Posts: 186
Hi Surfbaby, I had keytones in my urine at around 30 weeks. I had a stomach bug at the time and was so nauseous with it I couldn't eat. I had a check up at the GP that morning so when she checked the urine there were keytones. She asked had I eaten and I said no because I couldn't even look at food!! It's probably not an answer to your question at all! Had you eaten anything by the time you got to the doc? She told me to get lucozade into me asap and drink plenty of fluids.
mayday08 Posts: 704
Similar to Haaymum2b - i had keytones when around the 30 weeks mark also - i was coming down with something - did not know till later that night it was a tummy bug, i had eaten nothing all that day and keytones in urine will show this up. I don't think there is much to worry about. Maybe for reassurnace send a sample to the Lab.
randomusername Posts: 2134
It can be a sign of GD but is also a sign of dehydration. Try to increase your fluid intake during the day and arrange a glucose test with either your gp or your hospital to put your mind at ease. Hope you're ok :lvs
Idina Posts: 1289
Surfbaby unless you were overweight o begin with (like me :-8 0 ) then there is no need to maintain the weight. This can also be a sign of not eating enough I was told (I had these in last pregnancy when sick)
Surfbaby Posts: 396
Thanks for all the replies, think it was cos I was dehydrated. Not maintaining my weight deliberately but as I am overweight (by prob 1 stone)I am making better choices and not eating for two:) Normall drink 4 litres a day but as I was under the weather yesterday I didnt get chance. Am booked in for my GD test at 28 weeks so I guess will see then. Thanks again :wv
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
its useually a sign of dehydration when its on its own its only when you have ketones and glucose in your urine you need to worry
Wife09 Posts: 873
Get him or hospital to repeat that urine dip test at next visit and if its + again get the gluscose testing done in the hospital. This involves fasting over night, drinking tonns of lucozade next day and several blood tests. I had the bloods done twice and both were fine but just so you know they say to eat normally until diagnosed otherwise.
Surfbaby Posts: 396
Hi, Thanks all. Really think it was dehydration. :wv