Kicks gone very quiet - nearly 30wks pg

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petunia Posts: 1626
Hi all, Looking for advice if at all possible - kicks were always really vigorous and plentiful until this weekend when I found myself trying to 'wake' up babs for a response! I dont know if its just a quiet time or if this is how its going to be from here on in, was very close to driving to hospital to get checked but got a little movement or kick and decided to wait - is this the norm I suppose Im asking? :thnk
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Hey Petunia, I don't really know if it's normal or not but i've had v quiet days that almost had me heading to the hospital too. I blamed it on a growth spurt as I seemed to be heavier and bigger. Another time I think it was that babs moved and was kicking in a different location - internally rather than out. However if you are worried give the midwife in hospital a ring or just head in to them.
jmeath Posts: 5740
Hi petunia, just saw your topic, i just posted similar ques in the Nov thread to ask the same....ive been tempted to ring the hospital myself...
bumble bee 99 Posts: 101
Petunia, if you worried u should go to hospital if u concerned u should count movements from time u wake up till u go to bed u should have at least 10 movements, if u go into hosp the m/w willl do a trace on babs same thing happened to me last week but better goin in if concerned
RJR Posts: 962
As others have said, go to the hospital if you've any concerns (they dont mind at all!) but it is normal at this stage to feel less movement as theres less room for babs to move around in. Try an ice cold drink followed by a lie down, that sometimes works...
petunia Posts: 1626
thanks guys, I have been counting and do seem to get the 10 movements alright, it just seems very different, like babs could move around in a few mins - but its really quiet for [i:2ykq6p67]hours[/i:2ykq6p67] after that. (Wasnt like this before) If babs moves arms & legs all around the same time are we to count each of these as one movement iykwim? (Gosh im starting to sound like an obsessed nutter! :-8 ) just got a good kicking there so its looking good again :-8 I suppose up until now ive been feeling big kicks so regularly I got so used to it! Thanks for all the replies!!