Kicks/Movement 23 weeks

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Lily K Posts: 643
Hi girls, Just wanna compare notes... I'm 23 weeks and have been feeling plenty of movement since about 20 weeks. All my movement is quite low down, like under my belly button and I always thought it would be more in the middle, IYKWIM? Just wondered if everyone is the same at this stage? Also I get little weird feelings on what I think is my bladder, like it's been squeezed slightly and it's only for a split second, is this the little one just moving around? Not worried or anything, just curious :wv
coxy Posts: 34
Hi Lily K, its very normal to feel movement very low down. I was the same at your stage and i asked my doc cos i thought movement should be higher up but turns out its normal
oddwire Posts: 842
Me too, all low down at the start. Baby was positioned head-down then, doctor told me I have a puncher rather than a kicker!
Lily K Posts: 643
Thanks for the replies girls, it's reassuring to know what I'm feeling is similar to other girls. Isn't the feeling of baby moving the most weird and wonderful feeling :lvs :lvs