Kiddicare...........maybe not so cheap

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marianf Posts: 5845
Hi everyone, When we started looking at baby equipment first (a few months ago) Kiddicare was sooo much cheaper than everywhere else. I was a bit dubious about buying from the Uk in case anything happened the product and I needed to return it. The cost difference really did outweigh the disadvantages and I was all set to buy from Kiddicare in the new year. Did some more research today and the price differences are a lot less than they were so I will now be buying in shops rather than online. As I dont have my original notes with me at the moment, I can't be sure whether the price of the kiddicare things have gone up or others have come down. e.g Maxi Cosi Mura 3 pram Kiddicare €335 Ken Blacks €359 Polly Magic Highchair €158 Mothercare €162 (10% disc) Cabriofix Car Seat €121 Ken Blacks €129 So after a very long winded email, my advise is to keep an eye on prices!!! Kiddicare is definitely about €20 more expensive for the car seat than it was a while ago so I am sure a lot of their other prices have gone up too.
digsy Posts: 1257
I would agree with this. Was goign to get a travel system off kiddicare but priced a local place and it was actually cheaper (not by much) but at least if there is a problem with it, can be returned more easily!
mammak Posts: 489
Hey girls, also tell the shops you are buying in the price you can get'd be amazede that they'll discount theirs...and some will match it!