Kidney Infection

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Milly83 Posts: 3620
Hey All! I went to my doc yesterday for a checkup. It turns out I have a kidney infection that I didn't even know about!! He put me on antibiotics called Augmentin. Has anyone else been on them while pregnant? He also did a scan using this speaker thingy so I could hear the baby's heartbeat! He didn't expect to hear it so I was delighted. I started to laugh and he told me to stop laughing because he couldn't hear but I couldn't! Was really funny Also convinced I can feel the baby moving. Is that possible at this stage? It's like fizzy bubbles inside or something...
daisyduck2010 Posts: 92
hi goldenbride.. its been a while since i was pregnant- well LO is two now but i suffered with terrible kidney infections when i was pregnant. i was put on augmentin and the macrodantin towards the end because they were lasting longer and gettin worse. just make sure you drink plenty of water and cranberry juice. :thnk