kidney infection

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sisi Posts: 169
Just looking for some advice on this one ... I am currently 5 days overdue so basically waiting on something to happen at any moment. Earlier in my pregnancy at about 28 weeks, I had a kidney infection and had to take a course of anti-biotics for it. It cleared up and everytime I have had my urine checked in hosp or at doc since, it has been clear. The thing is the hosp have also sent samples off to the lab twice and both times the results have been inconclusive. They think this is because there is some vaginal discharge getting into the sample. Two weeks ago, the midwife that checked said that was fine and there was no need to do a repeat. Then last week, it was a different midwife and I had to do a repeat. She has just rang me this morning saying it again was inconclusive, and she wants me to come in tomorrow morning to have another. I told her about being overdue etc. and she said that if I go into labour then obviously it takes over (!). I tried asking her was there a risk if I have another infection but she didn't really answer me and being the worry wart I am, am now worried this may affect babs or the birth in some way. Sorry for waffling but I would love to know if this happened anyone else and what they were told. I've been checking the net and all they mention is a risk of preterm labour which obviously hasn't happened me..
chilledout Posts: 834
Hi sisi, I'm afraid i don't really have any advice but just wanted to say if the midwife isn't worried then you should be. I had a kidney infection at 35 weeks and ended up in the Coombe, but it cleared up and I was fine. I would presume a kidney infection during labour would be more of a problem for you rather than the baby. It could make you dehydrated so you would be more tired. As you said, it obviously hasn't caused preterm labour. Try not to worry (I know its easier said than done!) and best of luck to you in the coming days!