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excitednerjabride Posts: 869
Just wondering do you put kids at the tables with their parents and what are people doing in general, do you get stuff to amuse them on the day or is that the parents job??? Also if you have favours for the adults do yo get them (something different ) for the kids??? We have 2 nephews, they grando but 3 other young kids (3-7yrs) coming unexpectadely .. help!!
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
We are having no kids at our wedding, its a personal choice really but any weddings I've been to before usually seat the children with their parents (I suppose to keep them under control and well behaved etc). I would think they get a favour like any other guest. As for entertainment if the budget allows a clows/ magician etc then I'd go for it... hopefully wear them out!
excitednerjabride Posts: 869
well we were supposed to be only having our nephews which are pageboys but a family member asked could they bring their 3 kids, grando with us...wont be doing clowns etc, couldnt cope with that kinda thing more looking for tips for favours
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
hi we have kids coming and while im not doing favours for them, i am doing little treat bags. this is a great site: or just get a few age/gender appropriate toys colours colouring books stickers tattoos etc for them in the pound shop. thats all im doing and then putting them into a colour scheme birthday present bag iykwim. i ordered before lunch time one day and they delivered next day, in saying that im in london. the stuff is very cheap but i had 11 to buy for so wanted quantity, not really quality. in saying that the stuff is grand for the price. and they are kids so know no diff!!
YoMammaSo Posts: 3256
kids need to be with their parents i would think as at ages 3-7 they cant cut up their own food etc
luckyladee Posts: 2550
There will be six kids at our wedding - two young cousins, two nieces and two nephews - all under 9. I'll be placing them all with their parents. They couldn't really be anywhere else I dont think. We're not doing favours - but I might just have a box of there toys at the venue for after dinner :)
MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
we arent having kids at our wedding but maybe you could have goodie bags for them with colouring books and pencils and stuff and have them at their own table
sinead266 Posts: 914
you could put the wee buble favours at their table, or a wee disposable camera might keep them occupied for while.
excitednerjabride Posts: 869
good ideas thanks, bubbles and cameras-theyd love it.cheers
eagerbride2011 Posts: 242
speaking of cameras for the kids a while back someone printed a thing like a treasure hunt with a camera where the children had to take certain pics here's the list 1.Bride and groom holding hands 2. Groom and bride laughing 3. The person with the coolest shoes 4. Bride dancing with a group of girls 5. Groom laughing with a group of guys 6. Bouquet toss 7. First dance 8. Cutting the cake 10. Someone dancing with his or her mother. 11. Someone caught by surpise. 12. An older couple, with their wedding rings. 13. A group pic of everyone at your table. 14. A goofy one, if you’re all able. 15. A picture of two sharing a kiss. Thought it was a good idea cos you would be getting them printed so would have a few pics for yourself too and keep them interested and occupied during the day Danni x