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NYfiancee Posts: 170
Right before i start this, I have no children of my own!!! My H2b and i were both raised quite traditionally, like our parents believed that kids should be kids - i know i'm not really explaining this right. Anyway, was buying pressies for our friends kids yesterday. The baby was grand - could have stayed in Mothercare all day! But trying to buy clothes for the 4 year old was a nightmare... I prob sound very old fashioned but it was extremely difficult to get "age-appropriate" stuff so to speak. Even in Dunnes.... I gave up on Next months ago while trying to buy for my cousins... Do any of the mums out there find the same problem or am i in the dark ages???? [url=] [img:1eds0r0m];10716;0/st/20080829/e/Our+Wedding%21/dt/6/k/1cbb/event.png[/img:1eds0r0m] [url=] [img:1eds0r0m][/img:1eds0r0m] [/url]
Moet for me Posts: 1841
I'm not sure what you mean by age appropriate. DD is only a toddler and I've never had a problem finding clothes for her I probably have the opposite problem I see too much I like :o0 maybe it will be tougher in years to come.
sun flowers Posts: 3421
Age appropriate as in there abit too grown up for them.. I've noticed that the clothes are getting abit sexed up but I find Next brilliant for kids clothes.. they are really up to date and funky and the kids love them.
globalbride Posts: 99
IKWYM about the age appropriate. I have always found Next to be the exception to the rule though
*Muffin* Posts: 7243
This is one of my MAJOR gripes in life. Its so hard to buy clothes for little girls, that aren't inspired by adult fashion. I find the worst culprit is Addams, (glittery skimpy tops). I find Next actually ok, in that the clothes are very fashionable, but adapted to suit little girls, plenty of coverage etc. I think that the more up-market the shop, the more childish the clothes, but unfortunately, we can't all shop in Gymboree all the time.
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
I have a son, and find that there is ALWAYS a bigger selection of girls clothes - BUT anytime I go to buy some (for a friends daughter etc) say aged 4 upwards, the clothes are a disgrace. Call me old fashioned, but I personally think, that if I have a daughter they'll be in leggings, jeans, or pretty little dresses. No skimpy belly tops, glittery jeans, or slogans on T shirts more fit for a 17 year old for any child of mine. I assume thats what you mean by age - appropraite. Kids should be kids - they grow up fast enough!
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NYfiancee Posts: 170
ok so its not just us!!!! All I wanted to get the little girl was a little summer dress or something as a treat from her mammy and daddys mad friends cos she has been so good since the new baby arrived! i didnt want to buy her a book or educational toy cos thats not really a treat is it!!! And it took me feckin ages to get something nice - i eventually got her a skirt and top in Dunnes - had to be very careful about the length of the skirt cos shes tall for her age.... Nightmare I tell you..... I dont know how i'll cope if/when i have my own kids... :eek [url=] [img:3o6i5ctz];10716;0/st/20080829/e/Our+Wedding%21/dt/6/k/1cbb/event.png[/img:3o6i5ctz] [url=] [img:3o6i5ctz][/img:3o6i5ctz] [/url]
karen*omg Posts: 360
another agreement here i go to great lengths to get 'young girls' clothes for my two. i have found some really funky stuff in Okaidi, but the price is mental when they have big sales on i take them into the one in Arnotts and buy up half of everything suitable that i can find
stockbroking bride Posts: 2642
Another non-Mom here. But Petit Bateau is pretty good for real kids clothes and although it's quite expensive there is an outlet at The Village in Kildare.
MrsD2B08 Posts: 910
i feel the same but i now have a 6 year old that wants to dress like the teenagers wearing near or next to nothing and i think "omg where did this come from, i don't dress like that even going out with the girls on a mad one" so its a constant row with us when shopping, i have started bringing her with me to avoid the constant other row we have of "i'm not wearing that" so at least i can say back "you picked it, you wear it"!!!! dear lord, and everything has to be some form of pink.. with number 2 who is 13 months i go out of my way not to buy pink now!! anyway rant over there but i agree totally a lot of the clothes are not very appropriate and also whats the story with the low rise jeans etc for little girls my little one constantly has a builders arse!!!