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bride2be2011 Posts: 7
Thinking of putting a deposit down for Kilashee. Has anyone been to a wedding there recently ? I haven't seen the bridal suite yet, it looks a little bit "flower power"? What does anyone else think? Is the food good? Thanks !
nearly mrs Posts: 31
hia, we viewed kill$shee too and got tour of bridal suite. Was a bit flowery but it was very nice and spacious. Has area with dining table and chairs for about 8 people as part of it. Wouldnt let the flowers put you off. WE were going to go with Killashee but they didnt have a Fri/Sat available in 2010!! Dont know if they were trying to get us to take a Thurs by saying that. Have heard food good too but dont know 1st hand. Best of luck with your decision
dub2010 Posts: 378
hiya ive been to a wedding there and have mine booked for may next year :o)ll food is gorgeous, u can do a menu tasting and see for urself.i havent actually seen the bridal suite but seen pics four poster bed etc..yeah it has a flowery cover but its all with the charactor of the hotel..fab hotel really has wow factor
DollyMomma Posts: 1231
Hi there, Myself and my fiance were at the wedding fair last Sunday and were lucky to get a cancellation for a Friday in 2010 so we made a provisional booking. We're going down to pay our deposit this weekend. I agree the bridal suite is a bit flower power, but it's still fab and in all honesty, you'll be in the room all of a few hours. I know the next morning I'll want to go down and mingle at breakfast with our guests who have stayed over. Killashee is a very traditionally decorated hotel, so if you're looking for modern decor it's definitely not the place for you. Anyone I've mentioned where we've booked to have had nothing but great reports, alot of people have particularly mentioned the standard of food which is great.
LM24 Posts: 932
I had my wedding in the Killashee last Jan and cannot recommend it highly enough, delighted we went for it! Regarding the bridal suite, we didnt see much of it...brought a few of our guests upto see it after dinner and then collapsed into bed about 5 in the morning be honest we didnt factor it into our decision making for booking the venue at the outset. Best of luck :wv
macsmissus Posts: 928
Was at a wedding here last August - the food was fantastic. The room is really spacious for dinner and then nice big dance floor and stage area for later in the night. Our friends got married on a Monday so got a few extras thrown in - upgraded rooms for both sets of parents plus they gave the bridal party free rooms. They had great things to say about the staff in the run up to the wedding too :wv
DollyMomma Posts: 1231
We put our deposit down yesterday and after some haggling we got a free bar extension, free extra's on the centrepieces, the menu choice supplement down from €5 to €2.50 and possibly something else, but I can't remember now! We met with Orla who is just lovely. We went to see a band last night and we're definitely booking them. Going to meet the photographer tonight and am 99% sure we're booking him. So exciting, I can't believe it's just over a year till the big day :o)ll
trandy Posts: 114
Hiya were taking the executive suite instead of the bridal suite plus we dont have to move for our 2nd night in the hotel ..