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Ms. G Michael Posts: 280
Hi Girls just got a text to say Kilkea Castle got examinership for 70 days ONLY. That was the news from the Court i did ring the castle and they were all talking to the solicitor so they will have more news in an hour. But that seems to be it for now. Sorry. I'm covered i think getting married in December but it just wont be the same now.
radar Posts: 120
Ms. G Michael Posts: 280
At the moment i've been told that they will now only be covered up to the end of November so i'm no longer safe. They said they'll know more for definite tomorrow but what they're thinking is that new management will be taking over as in the original owner and that he will take over 1st of December and honour all weddings.
alishabonnell Posts: 2
:ooh Has anyone more news? tried to call them and waiting on call back getting married there in may 2010 paid large deposit to them, have insurance though thank god!
stressbunny Posts: 32
This is the irish times article from today. ... 58405.html From speaking to them earlier it appears there will be a change of management and that all bookings will be honoured. So worrying though when we don't know for sure. We will just have to wait for something more concrete i'm afraid but in fairness the court case was only yesterday and it will take time.
Ms. G Michael Posts: 280
Spoke to Liz today and i have to say she's been more than nice to me. Didn't rush me off the phone or anything. Told me basically that the Leasers cant afford the rent and the owner won't lower it down or meet with them to sort something out. So the way i took it was that if he met with them they might sort something out and save the castle if he doesn't meet with them the castle will close, which i don't understand cos why would the owner want this to happen to his own place. I was told they had a venue available for me on my date and that this venue would honour my deposits and also the prices that i was to be paying. Venue was the K Club. Worse case scenario she said was that i would be under the original owner as in New Management. But still not a definite...
notinameringue Posts: 88
OhMy God!!! I've just read this today, haven't been told anything from Kilkea, or gotten anything from them. My wedding is booked there for next July, does anyone know whats going on? :o(
Ms. G Michael Posts: 280
Notinameringue you better ring them yourself but basically the guys who are leasing it are in trouble trying to pay the rent of 500k a year to the owner. the owner wont lower the rent so they had to go to an examiner. the court agreed that the castle could be saved so an examiner comes in and looks over the books etc to see what can be done. the court has agreed to protect them for 30 days which may be extended to 100 days. the word on the street is that the original owner will take over but no one knows which is a pain. he won't talk to anyone seemly.
alishabonnell Posts: 2
Spoke with Liz yesterday, feel so sorry for them, i think either way a lot of the staff wont be there in 30 days, so dont think its gonna be the same if they leave, Cant beleive the landlord wont even discuss some option of a lower rent, after all everywhere eles the rent is being lowered due to inflation?
mrsneiler2b Posts: 62
Hi girls, H2B spoke to the examiner today. His name is Joe Moreau from Byrne Moreau Connell accountants. He said bascially what eveyone has been saying that he can not say for certain what the outcome will be. He did tell my H2B that the castle is providing alternative venues for some couples (I presume that includes yourself (the wollie with McDreamy pic) and H2B said oh well that's not a good sign and he said well not really... Told us to ring him in 3 weeks... Has anyone else contacted the accountants?