Kilkea Wedding Question - Feedback/Photos

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calibride Posts: 86
Hi Ladies, I am getting married in Kilkea castle in a year. I live in the US and haven't really seen that many pics of weddings that were held at Kilkea. I don't think we will make it back until this fall and I would like to hear about past experiences at Kilkea (your wedding or somebody else's) as well as any photos of the reception room. Are all the linens all-white? I thought I saw a picture of the bottom tablecloth in gold as well. Are the chair bows really as shiny as they look in the pics and what exactly is the color of the walls in there! And info on how its decorated would be awesome. Thanks again for any help as I am at a loss and feel I can't plan anything else until I know more about the room.
sweetpea1 Posts: 476
Hi Calibride, not getting married in Kilkea but if you have a look in wedding reports you might find the feedback you're looking for, or you could do a topic search. HTH :wv
somuch2do Posts: 10
Hey I've booked my wedding there for next year. The room is fab I think. The linen is all white as far as I can remember and the bows are shiny gold. You wouldn't need to do anything to it but thats a matter of personal choice. :wv
summersurprise Posts: 1276
Hi there, I am getting married there this November, I totally fell in love with the place from the moment we drove up the driveway. The function room is lovely, it just oozes romance, we went to loads of places but I was just totally smitten with the venue. I esp loved the top table which is long as opposed to round and slightlu curved at each end so everyone at the top table can see each other also. I took some pics when I was there but ive not figured out how to post pics up yet, must work on that. HTH. :wv
caitcurran Posts: 159
hi Ladies I am very familiar with kilkea castle as I am from the area. Outside, setting is fab. Did not book it for my own wedding as there were a few things that I wasn't happy with. But having said that I have heard good reports about it. Seems that not many locals book it for wedding receptions, mostly people loving the rosemantic setting of a castle, which is totally understandable. One thing I will say is that drink is wee bit overpriced and pints are bad there, or so my dad & fiancee tell me :-8
calibride Posts: 86
Thanks fpr all the feedback ladies. miss.sparkle let me know when you put up your pics. The website only had one up of the funtion room so its so hard to try and plan things just off that one pic!
papillon Posts: 1305
The table setting btw is a long stemmed lily selection in a long slim vase on a round mirror with tea lights around it. I'm thinking of bringing in my own church candles instead of the tealights as they're more medieval looking. My mum wants candelabras and she's right, they are lovely but I've found the hire prices a bit much..
summersurprise Posts: 1276
[quote="papillon"]The table setting btw is a long stemmed lily selection in a long slim vase on a round mirror with tea lights around it. Hi Papillion, you must be getting super excited, :o)ll . . . is that you that is having the round mirrors on the tables or do Kilkea supply them ??? I havent actually seen the place when its all set up for a wedding as yet.
papillon Posts: 1305
The mirrors are part of their standard table setting. Yeah, pretty excited and pretty darn busy!
calibride Posts: 86
I know, I have checked out the prices of candelabras and they are outrageous. Anybody else getting their own flowers for the table or are you all using the ones they supply you with? Just thtough it would be nice to add some color.