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summersurprise Posts: 1276
Thats super Papillion! thats a lovely touch to the deco. :lvs re flowers: am hoping to add some of my own of the colours of my BMs to add our own touch to it. *)
Milly2008 Posts: 537
Hi - I got married there last year. The room setting is beautiful. White linen on the tables and chair covers with gold bows on the chairs. They provide long stemmed lilys for all tables. The room lights are dimmed and each table has a number of small candles to give a beautiful glow. We had a long top table setting - again with flowers and we brought our candle arrangement from the church and they put new candles into it. The cake table is set up beside the top table, again with flowers and ivy drape. So everything in the room is white/gold and green. Very neutral and won't clash with anything. There is a stone wall behind the top table which comes out lovely in photos. the room has a number of mirrors which throws back light. The room set up after the meal is very quick and before you know it the room is ready with the dancefloor. It has a nice size dancefloor so nobody will be bumping off you in your dress. overall - I would highly recommend Kilkea castle for the magical setting and the service that you get is fantastic. Your photographs will turn out amazing too. Happy planning. :o)ll