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tokens Posts: 10
Currently looking for venues in Killarney for Autumn 2011. Would be really interested in hearing what venue packages people are getting for 2011. Looking at Muckross Park Hotel, Dromhall Hotel or Killarney Avenue- has anyone booked these venues. The Brehon is fully booked for our dates. Would really appreciate any feedback or new suggeations on venues.
mrsdamo Posts: 285
Hi Tokens, welcome!! O-O there's another thread here called Killarney Brides!! you 'll see it on this page or the next one, some of the girls on that thread might be able to help you also. Anyway, I'm not from Killarney but we've booked the Killarney avenue Hotel after searching loads of venues, our main problem was the size of our wedding its quite small approx 80 guests, so a lot of the hotels had huge rooms which would mean our wedding would look ridiculous taking up only half the space etc. Anyhoo, we visited The Killarney Avenue and Denis the manager we spoke with was so lovely and helpful showing us around, we decided it was perfect for us. Hope that helps. best of luck in your search :wv