Killyleagh castle???

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vickyplum Posts: 118
I heard someone mention on a forum discussion that they were getting married at killyleagh castle. Does anyone know what its like, eg style, size and if its possible to have a reception there and bring in outside caterers?
vickyplum Posts: 118
bump, please help *)
TippBride08 Posts: 31
Hi, I'm afraid I cant help you with Killyleagh Castle. Havent even heard of it TBH. But we have booked Cloghan Caslte in Galway. You hire it for 24hours (or longer), with 7 double rooms and it seats up to 120 people, though I hear thats at a squeeze and 100 is better. You bring in your own caterers/bar etc but they give you lots of information to help with this. [url:3r4o7mnd][/url:3r4o7mnd] Sorry I cant help you with info on Killyleagh Castle....
tippytoes Posts: 88
Hi there, I contacted killyleagh castle a while ago as it is a beautiful venue although they only cater for small numbers (less than 45), you can have the service there and bring in some outside caterers. I've no idea of costs as it was too small for me. If its not a castle but somewhere old with character why don't you try Ballyduggan Mill. They have a website but it doesn't really do the place justice. i have pics if you want them...just pm me. HTH :wv