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bride14 Posts: 38
Hi all. I'm recently engaged and trying to deicde on a venue at the moment. Have viewed afew places but our numbers are making our decision very difficult. Have viewed Kilronan Castle in Co. Roscommon for our Wedding reception. :o)ll Absolutely fell in love with the place but it might be a little costly. :weep Am a little worried about cost of rooms and the cost of drinks. Would love to hear from anyone who has been to a wedding here or even gotten married in Kilronan. Thanks :)
excitedbride2013 Posts: 205
Hi, Kilronan is beautiful, and we viewed it for our wedding but we went for Lough Rynn as it was closer to my house/church, and because we'd have guests travelling from the west for it and partying in my village the day after we felt it was handier. However, I have been to a family wedding before in Kilronan and it was brilliant!!! Our main concern with both hotels was the cost of staying for guests - I think the best we could get it to per room was 175euro in kilronan and 178 in lough rynn. Self-catering options are available in both places, but I think in Kilronan you have to hire the houses for the weekend...although if guests group up I don't think it works out too bad and you are counted as a resident and get to use hotel facilities. There are lots of options in both areas for non-hotel accommodation also, which is great. For the wedding I was at in Kilronan a lot of my relations stayed in bed and breakfasts in the area, and got taxis after which the hotel organised. I'm sure they could give you a list which you could send your guests, as 170plus is a lot for many people (although I'm sure some will want to treat themselves!) With regards to the cost of the drinks at the wedding it's not something I personally noticed at the wedding I was at, but I was at another wedding recently in a similar type hotel in the west and some people did comment on it and I started to worry about it at my own. But it was a minority, and look, if that's a problem they can just drink less :yelrotflmaosmilie: Best of luck choosing!
bride14 Posts: 38
Thanks a million. Ur reply is soooo helpful. Viewed it few weeks ago but going back this weekend to stay over and have a meal. Cannot wait. :o)ll Some bargaining to be done thou,haha! 185euro was best price per room but will c now can we get it down to 175....wud b really happy if got it down to that. Oh really hope now we get things sorted this weekend. Very exciting :compress
excitedbride2013 Posts: 205
Hmm - 185 sounds high! What time of the year, and what year are you thinking of going for? I was looking last October/Nov for July 2013... ..enjoy this weekend, it's a lovely hotel to go to just for a night! Jealous!!! :wv
Aprilbride2012 Posts: 49
.. I just put a review up on wedding day reports - would defo recommend
TheBoxer Posts: 49
Hi, I went to friend's wedding there December 2009 and it was brilliant. I stayed for the Friday and Saturday nights and ate in the restaurant there the night before the wedding, which was also amazing. I managed to find a deal in a magazine to stay there for the weekend, so I didn't mention that I was going to the wedding at all when I booked. I do remember my friend mentioning that she wasn't sure if it was worth the prices the hotel were charging her and her boyfriend at the time. The food at the wedding was very basic - bef or salmon, which was my only disappointment on the day. Did you guys choose it for your wedding in the end?
bride14 Posts: 38
We went with it. We're very excited now :o)ll :o)ll