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Psycho Sue Posts: 1875
Hi Ladies, I need a little help with the following issue: I had a Hospital Appointment in June, for which my boss put me down for a days' holidays! (I didn't want this taken out of my holidays but she did it anyway. Now I was actually out on the Monday and Tuesday after the procedure, and had a doctors note that confirmed this (which I gave to my boss). I have just discovered, that they payed me for the Monday (as it was down as a holiday) but not the tuesday. Is it possible for me to Claim back my days holidays, as it was certified leave? I don't mind if they deduct wages, I just need my holiday more..... If anyone could help I'd appreciate it. I thought someone posted about this a while back but can't find the post. Thanks all sue
pluto Posts: 3893
Well, if it was certified sick leave you should be paid for it, or else docked, and able to claim back from social welfare. If you have the 3 days certified, then you shouldn't have to take them out of your holidays.
Psycho Sue Posts: 1875
I was only off for 2 days in total, so wouldn't qualify to claim Social Welfare. The time off was certified, but I'd prefer to be docked the wages, and get my holiday day off! After all a hospital procedure isn't my idea of a holiday.... :eek :-8