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mrs smurphy Posts: 105
girls i need some serious reassurance here, i went to my doctors today to get my BFP confirmed which he did. but that was literally it. told me i was five weeks gone and then filled out a green form and gave it to me to bring to my local clinic. didnt do weight blood pressure or anything else. is this normal? feeling a bit let down that thats all that happened. not quite sure what i was expecting
Greece Posts: 1800
Unfortunately thats it :o( BUT dont worry, you will be poked and proded enough over the coming months. I was the same at the start and dying to get more info and checks but it wont start happening really until you go to hosp/clinic and then your visits will just get more frequent as time goes on. bare in mind your first scan proob wont be until you are about 20 weeks so go ahead and book a private one if you want to see the lil bean before then. Good luck :babydust:
Bella100 Posts: 62
Don't worry MrsSmurphy, I went to my doc on Monday and all she did was take my blood pressure (which I think doctors just do for everyone who walks through the door!). I kept her for a while because I'm debating the whole public/semi private/private option and I just haven't got a clue, but, even though my doc is lovely and knows I was trying since went for a check up a few months ago and asked for how best to prepare...not so much as a congratulations! I rang VHI this morning to check out stuff and the lady on the phone was so nice, so friendly and full of congratulations that I was nearly crying, and I will never see, hear or speak to this woman again :duh: It was just so nice to hear someone other than DH say congratulations. Its a lovely secret to have but it feels so funny that something that is so huge in your own head is something that, for now, you can't really talk about with anyone else. Roll on a happy healthy week 12. Oh and CONGRATULATIONS :xxx
MeSB Posts: 3785
romobo Posts: 840
Congratulations on your BFP! :o)ll That will all happen at your booking appointment at the hospital as far as I know (im in the North so might be different) my GP did not even do a HPT for me, just did the referral and advised me re: alcohol etc. Enjoy your news and hope you have a healthy pregnancy!
mrs smurphy Posts: 105
girls thank you soooooooooo much for your responses. it makes me feel so much more at ease. it had really taken the shine off my lovely new penny haha. but feeling better now though