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streaks Posts: 3592
Hi girls!! Just wondering if any of you have seen any nice kitten heel wedding shoes or know where would be a good place to start looking for them? I'm quite tall so don't need much of a heel and while this is great as It save me having sore feet... I find it real hard to get shoes at the best of times so I'm thinking this will be a big challenge!! Any info greatly appreciated! Thanx girls xx :thnk
kookiegal Posts: 1150
I found some nice shoes on , also the Rainbow range has some nice kitten heel shoes. I've also heard of Next having nice low heeled bridal shoes but haven't checked there myself! I did see a pair in Debenhams also but they were a bit glitzy for me. It seems really difficult to find nice ones!
streaks Posts: 3592
Ah thanx kookiegal! I know it's so difficult finding nice kitten heels! Will take a look in debenhams and on that website thanx a mill x :thnk
2010april Posts: 17
Faith has some lovely shoes at the moment. worth a look :wv
Asics Posts: 1935
Not sure where your based but I got mine in Ruby Shoes in Kilcullen they are really comfy extra padding on the inside (im crap in heels that why I went for low ones & I have one foot bigger than the other so I wanted straps aswell so I wouldn't lose them on the dance floor :o0 ) [img:1ha5bz4m][/img:1ha5bz4m]
MinnietheMinx Posts: 2396
I'm going for the same shoes as Someday Mrs. They're the Pink range called Sunrise. I'm buying them from the same shop as my bridesmaid dresses so the nice lady in the shop gave me €20 off! Would love high shoes for the wedding but husband to be is the same height as me so I want to wear low enough ones, plus they'll be comfy!
Google Posts: 105
I saw a lovely pair in Dune in Debenhams, Henry Street last weekend... think I might get them myself! [url:eyu7upan][/url:eyu7upan]
streaks Posts: 3592
Thanx for all the replies girls! Will take a look in dune and am in north Kildare someday mrs so Must take a spin down there someday! Did they have them in white aswell? That height is perfect for me wouldn't really go any higher tbh! :thnk
Asics Posts: 1935
Im not sure if they come in white aswell or not. She didn't have my size so she ordered them in for me & I had them in less than a week :o)ll . Ruby shoes is just over the bridge on the left beside Bank of Ireland ( you wouldn't really notice the shop I drove by it twice before I copped where it was) I think Michelle also gives a discount if you mention WOL I didn't know about it when I got my shoes :o( might save you a few €'s
streaks Posts: 3592
thanx someday mrs! Will definitely pop In there and have a look! She could probably order them in white aswell so I must enquire! Sounds like your very organised! Fair play to ya I seem to be constantly working on a never ending list! Won't know what to do with all the free time when we're married p :o0