Krakow ever been??

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miss choc Posts: 1270
Just booked 5 days here in Sept flight and accommodation sorted. Anyone know good sights, restaurants, pubs etc I know about the Salt Mines and Auschwitz (not sure about going there yet :o( ) Would we be able to fit a day trip to Warsaw in also?
mammatweet Posts: 105
So jealous, is a really lovely spot. Spent a night or two in Warsaw and then went on to Krakow a few years ago, felt that time spent in Warsaw was a waste as loved Krakow sooo much. Music there was superb - had some really funky nights out there - jazz, classical, underground *(literally underground in some wierd place brought by local guy we just bumped into in the square) lovely peoplel,nice shops, such good restaurants in the square and elsewhere. Spent a day wandering about and in the castle. Be sure to go to Auschwitz - though I found Berkenau more disturbing - its a vast empty space - if you have any interest in history or not it is worth a visit. went by public bus and twas very reasonable to get there versus a taxi or spin offer you could be tormented with at the bus station. I didn't make it to the salt mines, heard its worht a trip but didn't get there. It wasREALLY cold when I was there - trying to remember if it was September type time but I was surprised by how cold it got by night and I had not packed for such weather - that was my only bother. ENjoy enjoy!
bridesmaidzilla Posts: 1859
Hi there, Krakow is amazing, would love to go back!! I would recommend a trip around Wawel Castle, its beautiful. Did I read that you're going in September? The weather might be cold but really beautiful. You#d get lovely pics from the terrace overlooking the river. This is the burial place of the Kings of Poland and other Polish dignitaries (Side fact: Pope John Paul II's heart has been sent back to Poland to be interred here.....random!) Auschwitz is tough going, but worth a visit, we booked through Krakow Tours, we were picked up at our hotel and bussed out there, and our guide was excellent. I would recommend doing it in the big group (this is just me now) it can be a harrowing day. There's a restaurant in the main square I think, its the oldest restaurant in Krakow and its fab, called Wierzynek (Veer-jeee-nek). Their food is traditional but really lovely, we got a taster menu of traditional Polish food, it was all beautiful. Give it a go! We didn't get to do this now, but apprently the taxi tours of the Communist part of Krakow are meant to be great craic! Enjoy!! :wv
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
My Mum and Dad went there a year or two ago and really loved it. Said it was a beautiful city, they also went to Auschwitz and they said it was very tough going. I'd be in two minds about going there, it was such a big part of world history, but I just don't know if I'd find it too upsetting. Mum said it had a very eerie feel about the place. She said it was a beautiful warm sunny day when they did the tour, but once they went through the gates, everyone fell silent and there was a chill in the air. She said it was very interesting, but there was a lot she couldn't handle. Didn't know that bit about Pope John Paul, that's interesting. On a lighter note, I've heard the weather is lovely there and the nightlife is great too. Enjoy and don't forget the postcard! :o0
Diamondz Posts: 2208
Auschwitz is hard to see but definitely worth it - I went while pregnant and very hormonal but so glad I did. I done it as a day trip with Krakow tours and was picked up from hotel and done Auschwitz and Berkenau in the same day. The salt mines are definitely worth the trip too - great to see and very cheap to go... everyhting there is quite cheap in fact. There are loads of great bars and restaurants in the main square and some markets to explore. I would love to go back again....
Mama2 Posts: 1230
I live in Warsaw and have been to Krakow loads of times. It's a fantastic city and has great nightlife. There's a website called and they have a bimonthly Krakow edition which has loads of information in it about what happening. You'll be spoiled for choice. The royal castle is beautiful and the jewish quater, Kazimierz is just over the river and is very interesting. There's a huge shopping centre right in the middle of town by the train station called Galleria and it's fab, a bit like an American mall! There are lots of good restaurants and pubs! I love Warsaw but it's a real capitol city and can be difficult to find the best pubs and clubs. It's a facinating city but needs more than a day, it has an incredible history. The train from Krakow is 2.5 hours each way so I'm not sure that it's something you'd want to do without an overnight stay. I know both places well so feel free to ask any questions you may have.