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Poppi Posts: 97
hope i'm not the only one feeling like this......... am six weeks gone and am thrilled, but am so irritable. my god, i don't know whether its because i'm tired all the time or what. today i thought i was going to start crying coz my family were annoying me so much, but they were just being themselves. am irritable one minute then the next i'm in good form and the next i'm ready to cry. i don't want to be feeling like this, really thought i'd be on cloud nine constantly. my whole body just feels so heavy. i know i'm prob just moaning and should cop on and realise how lucky i am. the excitement i feel is being overridden by these feelings. i'm worried about hubbies job at the moment and i'm wondering if i'm irritable because of anxiety, worry and stress. anyone else in the same boat ?
fraggle rocker Posts: 1426
Congratulations on your pregnancy. I was the same, your hormones are all over the place, your excited, nervous, scared. I found in the beginning if I visited my family home it just seemed so noisy that I was nearly in tears. I also get irritated when people dont get what I am saying to them straight away and I am normally a very patient person. Blame it all on hormones and look after yourself. Beginning to get like this again as I was told I was waddling the other day and another person said I have a fat belly!