Kylie in Wembley Arena last night - AMAZING

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SparklyC Posts: 1766
Hi Wollies, Went to see Kylie in WA last night - she was amazing - saw her last year in Dublin just before it came out about her cancer and she didnt look well at all - and even though the performance in Dublin was excellent, there was something special about it last night - she seemed to be overwhelmed by the cheering etc! - The show out of this world - the male dancers were scrumptious and had a ball dancing the legs off myself - the new stuff that she has written is really good too ! Anyway got home at 1am this morning and today was first day back at work - been a busy day so havent had a chance to be wolling today but am hoping that this week things will get back to "normal" and there will be time for wolling aplenty! Hope you all had a good Christmas /New Years - I had a fab time at home with the family in Dublin - we were welcomed home to helium balloons and a banner at Dublin Airport (morto but secretly chuffed that family did that for me and hubby!!) Best friend had new baby on 29th Dec (born 10 days early) a little girl and am chuffed to bits for her ! Kept telling her that she should have had it on 27th instead BEFORE I went back to England!! (ah well some people are just sooooooooooo selfish haha!!) Heres to a great 2007 and heres hoping that the "powers that be" will please send some :babydust: my way!! :o)ll :wv
Nolongerwollie Posts: 2181
Soooo jealous! >:o) Would love to go to one of her concerts! She looks so radiant these days, its great to see her look so well!