La Prairie Caviar Make Up

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aoifed Posts: 580
Has anyone used this? Can anyone recommend it? I read last night in a magazine that a make up artist said it was the best she has ever used - it also has a concealer bit. I'd love to hear from someone who has tried it....
wasy Posts: 453
I wish the price of it u could always just head into the shops nd pretend to be interested in buying nd get the counter girl to try it on you
aoifed Posts: 580
I could defo do that - thanks wasy! I know - the price is a bit formidable, but the make up artist reviewing it said not to let that put you off - hers has lasted over 1 year so far...
bucketofchips Posts: 1913
I don't wear much foundation, when i do I tend to opt for a very sheer type, however I have ofter considered buying the La Prairie foundation and concealer you mentioned but it always looks SO thick and I imagined it would be like applying posh wall plaster on my face... However I could be wrong....
wasy Posts: 453
It does look fab I want to now too agh! I'd buy anything anyone recommended think will go into BTs on wknd nd pretend to be loaded if its that nice might buy it for my wedding it is a special day ha ha :o0
hunky_dorey Posts: 2714
i just read about this in a magazine today, looks fab but no way could i afford it!!
*Muffin* Posts: 7243
How much are we talking here? I've approached the La Prairie counter so many times and then scuttled away quickley after seeing the price.
aoifed Posts: 580
I think its prob in the €150 price region... So it is expensive, but I heard it was so good. Altho, if it was cakey I defo wouldn't buy it. I hate to feel like I'm wearing lashings of make up.
Pink Shoe Posts: 2300
is this product counter near pout in brown thomas
*Muffin* Posts: 7243
I don't think its actually in Brown Thomas.