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miamia Posts: 673
there is good support in La Sposa Dresses? Thanks :thnk
charlotteyork Posts: 1275
Do you mean boob support or corset/tummy support? I only tried on one style and found it had light support around the tummy panel but the bust area had no support at all. Not a problem for me cos I have no boobs to speak of, but I understand that some women are luckier than me!
miamia Posts: 673
Thanks hon... Anyone else?
Picasso Posts: 645
I think it very much depends on the dress. Mine has good support round the torso/stomach and medium bust support.
Irish07 Posts: 725
I have a La Sposa wedding dress - it has great support at the tummy and at the chest. I have a DD bust so this would be an important factor to me when I was choosing my dress.
miamia Posts: 673
Thanks girls, was looking at the Malibu one, any of you have this or tried it on?
Picasso Posts: 645
It's gorgeous Mia, I have't tried it on but it looks to me from the pic like it would have quite good support. Have you tried it on yet?